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“We provide accelerated success to you for your dating, love, and intimacy goals.       

We all have blind spots…


Some we know about, but some are sneaky…And these blind spots cripple our ability to achieve what we want in life and love.


Listen – we all hit obstacles to success in our intimate, love, and sexual lives. Some pop up suddenly. Some have never gone away, lurking under the surface of our otherwise healthy personalities like lethal predators, sabotaging our forays into love over and over again.


And – it’s maddening, isn’t it!? – you find that despite your best efforts, you are not living the life of love, abundance and freedom that you know you can have.


It’s okay. You’re not alone. We all hit points like this if we are growing. Sometimes you just require that guiding, experienced hand to help you over a particular hurdle…


Maybe it’s overcoming shyness or long-standing shame, or getting past the hurt of a past relationship so you can now open your heart and mind to meet somebody new, somebody who will bring joy and healing and fun and love into your life.


Or maybe you just want to learn how to come across as more confident, more authentic, more open, more vulnerable or simply more available.


And sometimes – and this is more true than you might think - you just need a kick in the ass to get you into action and moving more quickly into the new habits and practices of living the life of love and deserved happiness you want.


You already know that EVERY great athlete has a coach – often several – to create excellence in each aspect of his or her game – so that they don’t lose…





Most great business leaders have coaches to assure that gaps in performance skills are not quietly pulling the whole house down.


Every year, I myself hire at least one coach to give me perspective, keep me focused on my highest goals and purpose, bring me resources to get me there and be that extra set of eyes to help me dissolve blind spots, eliminate obstacles and open up new landscapes of possibility and performance.


If you want success, now it’s your turn…


Why These Coaches Will Shift You Into Quicker Dating and Relationship Success and The Lasting Habits of Happiness:


I have spent the past few years culling the most expert, the most experienced, the most fierce and fearless as well as most huge-hearted Executive Coaches in the world to help my community release all the barriers, habits and limiting-beliefs blocking you from the joy of passionate love freely expressed and true intimacy.


Each Dating Success Coach is broadly and deeply trained – a training that continues rigorously as a member of this team – and each has specialties that can serve you – from overcoming shyness to learning deep presence and impact with the other gender, to releasing sexual shame, to healing the pain and remorse of broken relationships, to badass success practices that can jolt you out of stasis onto the path of having the life you actually want – before it’s simply too late.


We offer a limited number of complimentary exploratory sessions each week for men and women who are considering the benefits of working with an expert coach dedicated to accelerating you into the life you desire, and dream of.


If you are committed to change, to evolution, to transformation and to success, and you have the time and resources to undertake a course of action to get you there, please fill out the form below in detail.


The more specific you are, the more accurate a view my team will have of your challenges and needs – and the more quickly we can get you in conversation with one of the team to see if you believe you can move more swiftly into success in love and intimacy, confidence and a new path.





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Garrison has been a leader in the men’s transformational and dating community for 20 years. He is one of the original owners of the Authentic Man Program, and a leading in-field Approach & Repair Master, noted for his expertise in deep presence and connection. He is also an award winning filmmaker, speaker, writer and honorary member of the Society of Leadership & Success, which hosts very prominent and notable speakers. His passion is teaching men to discover, embody and relate with the world as their most solid, sexy and authentic selves. 



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