10 Steps to Your Freedom and to REAL Intimacy…

Adam Gilad
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So every week in the Smart Dater’s Academy – we explore specific and actionable steps that get you, oh, little things like…


1: Love

2: Happiness

3: Sensual Passion

  1. Profound Connection with an Intimate Partner
  2. Inner Freedom and the Ability to Love Without Holding Back.




The little things in life.


Now – to get there – here’s something I want you to think about hard:


As in REAL hard…


Because this is the KEY to your love life happiness…


“Intimacy is the ability to share your inner world

with a partner – without fear. TRUE intimacy

begins with self-awareness and FREEDOM

from unconscious habits and automaton behavior.”


That is THE principle I am operating on.


And it means you can’t have LOVE…


… without real self-awareness.


So today I just want to give you 10 questions to ask yourself daily that I adapted from Kyle Cease – the fascinating dude who turned his stand- up comedy career into what I would call a “comedy of awakening” career.


[take the actions in the parenthesis to turn thought into your actual life.]


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