10 Steps to Your Freedom and to REAL Intimacy…

Adam Gilad
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So every week in the Smart Dater’s Academy – we explore specific and actionable steps that get you, oh, little things like…


1: Love

2: Happiness

3: Sensual Passion

  1. Profound Connection with an Intimate Partner
  2. Inner Freedom and the Ability to Love Without Holding Back.




The little things in life.


Now – to get there – here’s something I want you to think about hard:


As in REAL hard…


Because this is the KEY to your love life happiness…


“Intimacy is the ability to share your inner world

with a partner – without fear. TRUE intimacy

begins with self-awareness and FREEDOM

from unconscious habits and automaton behavior.”


That is THE principle I am operating on.


And it means you can’t have LOVE…


… without real self-awareness.


So today I just want to give you 10 questions to ask yourself daily that I adapted from Kyle Cease – the fascinating dude who turned his stand- up comedy career into what I would call a “comedy of awakening” career.


[take the actions in the parenthesis to turn thought into your actual life.]


1: What action can I take that would take me beyond my old stories of who I am?
(When you sense an answer, do it immediately before you chicken out)


2: What can I let go now of that is slowing down my enjoyment of life?

(Then let go of it. And keep letting go over and over if it’s stubborn).


3:  What and who can I forgive? Maybe holding onto it is just keeping me angry?

(Then forgive it. For real.)


  1. What would be amazing to do that I have never done before?

(Then actually do it.)


5: What can I give today that will bring me joy?

(Then give it).


6: What about my emotions will I feel and accept today?

(Then actually sit with yourself for a while and be the love and patience your old story was trying to get from your parents.)


7: What does silence want to tell me today?

(Then shut up and listen for a long time).


8: What can I appreciate?

(Then write down a list of at least 20 things.  Bonus:  do this every morning and every night before sleep)


9: What habit would I love to have for life?

(Then do it each day for at least 50 days in a row)


  1. What is actually happening right now?

(Then pay attention to you body being alive – your breath rising and falling, your heartbeat, the weight of your limbs.  Just you.  Now.   Pay attention as all your anxieties about the past and future dissolve.  Enjoy the clearing.  Open up to insight about who you are right now.




To allow for intimacy with another person – you MUST first have intimacy with yourself.


You must know what is going on under the surface.


What fears? What yearnings?  What hopes?


Come back to the moment right now.


Create the life you want.


So you can share it.


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To Your Boldest Life of Love!



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