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4 Tips to “Electrify” Her Online

Adam Gilad
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I want to talk to you about some critical secrets about online dating from my Deep Online Attraction System.

First – guys make all kinds of mistakes when writing their profiles. Stupid mistakes. To be honest , they are straight out blunders because they drive women away. They sink your chances with the best women in a flash. Remember – women are not guys. They like a good picture but ULTIMATELY – they respond to men by what you write. Women read these profiles and assess who you are by what you write. You want to sound intelligent and HOOK their attention. And to do that – you have to avoid the most common blunders. Here are a few tips straight out of Deep Online Attraction to help you out…


Ya shoulda learned this stuff in high school but you were too busy staring at the breasts growing over there on the girl at the next desk. It’s okay. You’re forgiven. So here’s a quick rundown. The points are simple, but crucial.

1: Don’t misspell

Use your spell-check, stick your profile and emails in Word and spell-check them. Women hate it when men misspell. It shows sloppiness, an inattention to detail. And women like attention to detail – just consider their
predilection for oh — foreplay. Get it? The two words I see misspelled most often – “independent” and “definitely.” Not to mention “your” and “you’re.”

2: Avoid Clichés

You are not a “hopeless romantic”, a “gentleman and a scholar”, or “a boy next door.” Avoid general, generic language. You don’t like walks on the beach, a nice wine with dinner, feel comfortable in jeans and t shirt. Go read some guy sites. Boring. Deadly. White noise. They are clueless. More importantly, to an attractive woman online, they are the same as all the others… invisible.

3: Therefore Be Precise in Your Language

Say “Chicago Blues” – which is better than “blues”. “Borolo” is better than “wine”. (no Chardonnay (feminine), no Merlot (lazy)).  “The Palms” is better than Vegas. Ribeye steak is better than mere steak. Azure is better than blue. Aspen grove is better than forest. The more precisely you can paint the environment of your life, the more tactically and sensually her imagination will project her into it.

[I show you how to create romantic “scenes” for her to project herself into elsewhere in the book]

4: Show, Don’t Tell

Possibly the most important writing rule of all.

Don’t list.

Don’t talk “about.” Don’t tell about yourself. Show yourself.

If you’re funny, don’t say you’re funny – be funny.

If you love your little nephew don’t (cliché) say he’s the “light of my life” – paint a picture of something you and he do together or how he makes you laugh. This is the difference between George Clooney coming on screen and telling you the story of Ocean’s 11, and George Clooney in the action of it. Which is more interesting? Show your life, don’t describe it. Write little movie scenes in your profile. She will be drawn into that movie.

Everything you read in the Deep Online Attraction Manual will teach you how To STAND OUT – to craft those movie scenes, electrify her imagination and draw her to you so that by the time you actually meet in the flesh, she’s already yours.

Check out the short video I made that explains it all…

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