A Playboy Bunny and Head

Adam Gilad
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Yesterday, a Playboy Playmate of The Year came at my head with a pair of scissors…

I’ll tell you about that in a second, but first, I want to talk about women. Not just any women – beautiful women! Because a lot of you wrote me saying that after you started using Deep Online Attraction, you’ve been meeting many more women. And because no one is ever satisfied, you’ve been asking how you can meet more and more beautiful women? It’s a great question. Because not all of us are 6 feet with amazing shoulders, biceps and wavy god-like hair. I’m sure not.  But I do know how to talk to beautiful women in a way that connects their inner beauty with their outer beauty.

And I’m smart enough to know that I don’t know everything, so I went out of my way to interview a bunch of BEAUTY QUEENS to ask them what guys say to them all the time – what turns them off and what has led to liaisons and boyfriends. I sat down with iconically beautiful women – from Playboy, Victoria’s Secret, a Miss Teen USA and a lingerie model. Tough life, I know.

The result of this very, very stressful research is my program – How To Talk To A Beautiful Woman – which Im giving you as a FREE BONUS when you download my advanced course on how to approach women, Masters of Approach ROCKS!

My one big question for them was unwavering:  what can you, as a man do, or say, to surprise them, delight them, win their hearts? How can you STAND OUT with beautiful women? You will find the answers when you download their answers – which, again, is FREE, when you get your advanced course on approaching women easily and naturally.

 Get Approach Mastery HERE.

Okay, so here’s the story about my Playboy bunny haircut. So I’m getting my haircut in the famously dull, gritty, hotboxed San Fernando Valley, of all places, and my attractive haircutter tells me she was once an actress so I tell her I was on this dating reality show and I tell her about Deep Attraction Online and how my profile got me on TV.  She said, yes, words are the greatest aphrodisiac. That led to our “How To Talk To A Beautiful Women” project and how I just interviewed a Playboy Bunny. She stops snipping. She turns my chair and lays it on me: “I was Playboy Playmate of the Year 1974. My name is Cyndi Wood.”

Holy sh**t! She was a superstar! She was the one in Apocalypse Now – remember that scene where they bring the beauty out to show the troops? I talked to her for a long while and let me reveal something she told me that is true for all beautiful women…

… they are acutely aware that physical beauty wanes.  They know that even a Playmate of the Year may end up cutting hair in the San Fernando Valley. They don’t trust their outer beauty. And they don’t trust guys who get hypnotized by it. That’s why I want you to LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN – by getting these interviews and learning how to approach any woman anywhere…

… so that you can carry yourself proudly. And cut through the B.S. that other men throw. Do you want to be comfortable with beautiful women, date and enjoy them? Then get Masters of Approach – and I’ll give you the whole How To Talk To a Beautiful Women program for FREE!

You can download it all now – here

You have one life.  Don’t settle for Mrs. Shrek. Date beautiful women. And kiss them once for me.

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