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A Yoga Girl’s Lips – On YOUR CHEEK

Adam Gilad
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What a weekend! Just when I thought I knew it all (not really), I get another huge download from women…

* Do you want free hugs from beautiful girls?

* Do you want women to tiptoe up to you at cafés and start asking YOU questions?

* Do you want sudden high-fives and gushes of gratitude for being “a real man”?

* Do you want women to take you by the arms and blurt, “thank GOD for  guys like you!”

It’s easier than you think. In fact, it’s ridiculously easy! Listen. . .

Yesterday, I was standing on the stone veranda of a house high in the Santa Monica Mountains with a bunch of people, just having lunch and looking out at the rare clouds moving across the hills. I sat by this 25 year old waif, a beautiful, slinky young actress who was listening, bored and half-lidded, to a guy telling her about how cool he was, how spiritual he was, what business and charity boards he sat on. She turned to me and asked, “hi, what do you do?” I said that I’m devoted to an ongoing study and to teaching men how to identify and stand in their most powerful masculinity and then communicate it in a language to women that will touch their hearts.

She threw her arms around me and exclaimed, “I love this man!” At that moment, dear reader, I loved her, too. A little while later, I found myself (surprise!) sitting next to a lanky, long-haired yoga instructor – the elite kind that only teaches privately. I opened the old fashioned way, by finding a commonality and exploring it together. The conversation flowed easily as she told me about the book she was writing and then she asked what I did. Well, you know what I do and you know what I said. Her eyes just opened wider and wider and her first question…

“Do you know the work of David Deida?” I answered, “I’ve read every single book he’s written, and”

And – whoosh! – here came the hug — and yoga girls really know how to hug. Her long slinky arms wrapped around me and then came the Exclamation from her yoga-soft lips, “I love you!” And as I slowly inhaled the herbal aromas rising from her organic shampooed hair, my friend, I promise you, I loved her, too. And I didn’t even get to tell her that I was Deida’s business partner for 2 years. She continued, excited, her eyes sparkling, “Before I get involved with ANY guy, I hand him the book, “The Way of the Superior Man” and make him read it. I tell him it’s a user’s guide for real manhood.”

Now, this is a STUNNING WOMAN who dates serious celebrities and jet-setters, but suddenly, I was the sole object of her laser-focused, eye-sparkling, fascinated attention – because I had taken the time to read this book she that found so important to shaping a real man. So what are the lessons I learned from yesterday’s lunch?

1. That women are DEAD FRUSTRATED with 99% of guys.

2. That women are GRATEFUL FOR YOU if you take the time and effort to deepen their practice of being men, who spend their time learning about women, learning how to be better men rather than sitting around watching TV.




Deepening your skills and wisdom around man-woman dynamics shows you care. It gives you the edge of power over other men. It shows that you are a man who means business rather than a wannabe. That you are different. That you are worth the attention of the best women.

3. And you have learned that consistent training is the key element than gives you the edge over other men.

If you are serious about being the fascinating to women, powerful, desirable, skilled, intriguing and sexy – you should come into my circle of serious men. You do NOT want to be just another guy chasing women with tired pick-up strategies. You do NOT want to bore women with boring conversation but with unexpected, penetrating openers and deepeners so that they open to you like a flower in the sun.

You want to get into this advanced training series today. Again, this depth of training is so important to me that I made it a whole whopping BUCK to sign up, just so you can get a taste of how GREAT you can be with women. You will gain two essential skills:

To Trigger Attraction. Inspire Devotion…

Trigger attraction – and you will get more phone numbers, more dates, more steamy nights…

Inspire devotion –and you draw those amazing women who drape you with their delicious, aromatic hugs, their gratitude, and if you want it – love.

Step up your game today the easiest way possible.

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