It Started With Breasts [True Story]

Adam Gilad

Let me tell you a story that could have a huge impact on your success with women. It’s true, and it just happened to me, and it starts with breasts, as so many good stories do.


Her breasts burgeoned like two almond dunes from under white silk. Her thighs?   Twin soft honey tubes flowing from under her tight, high skirt. She couldn’t have been more than 22, and, even though it was 6:30 in the morning, every man’s attention followed her across the airline terminal as if she were perfume in motion. I brought my attention back to the ticket kiosk.  I’d been dealt a middle seat  (which I hate) up to Vancouver, so I was requesting a seat change.  The machine offered me whole empty rows or an aisle seat next to two filled seats.

This is where it gets interesting…

The night before I’d coached a successful student, a lawyer – go become a “yes man.”  He was too picky.  And he spent too many nights at home. “Say yes. If someone invites you anywhere, just say yes.  You never know who you’ll meet.” So even though I wanted to sleep, I said “yes” to the aisle seat next to the two filled seats, rather than stretching out alone. As providence would have it, Almond-Breasts was already curling up in the middle seat there with her equally slinky friend cuddling into her shoulder by the window.

Now, young women who look like these two (and dress like these two) are hit on ALL THE TIME  — and they find it annoying. So I nodded a simple hello, and joked with the guy behind me that she looked like a terrorist – something about her suspicious heels “because no regular person would wear heels like that.”  She laughed.  But I only gave her a brief glance. We all slept and later in the flight, I brought her a blanket when I went to get water, commenting that I noticed she was pulling her little white skirt down over her thighs every few minutes.  Yes, it’s true.  I’d been watching.  I’m considerate that way. She was grateful for the blanket. I said, with a smile, “I’m a good daddy.” Double meanings are powerful.

I meant, of course, that it’s natural for me to take care of people, having been a father for a while – but she smiled back as she took in the sexy double meaning. We started talking and when she peeled off her little sweater, I saw the tattoos.  She told me she was only in Vancouver for a night and I knew instantly she was an erotic dancer. Naturally, I quite seriously asked if the two of them were accountants doing a one-night audit or lawyers doing some depositions on a Saturday night.  They looked at each other like I was nuts.

Since they didn’t get that I was playing with them, I told them I knew they were dancers.  While her friend dozed, I told Almond Dunes about our “How To Talk With a Beautiful Woman” project and she was totally game. She gave me everything you’d ever want to know about what guys do wrong – and sometimes right – to win their affections.

Here’s a the lowdown for you…

She said 90% of men just annoyed her with stupid overt come-ons and dumb  questions that she knew were insincere. How to win her? She offered this key — be interested in her, casually at first, like a friend, without needing anything – and then more deeply only if she responds warmly. After a half hour, she commented how great it felt to talk to me and invited me to join her at the neighborhood bar where she likes to hang out.   A few minutes later, she followed me through the gates at customs and giggled, “I’m stalking you.” It started with me noticing her outer beauty. It continued with me saying “yes” to sitting next to strangers. It advanced by me joking about her but not coming on too strong. It leapt to another level when I did something nice for her – because I noticed she was cold.

And it got HOT when she realized I was actually interested in who she was, what she thought and what her experience in life was. Listen to women. Ask them real questions.  They LONG to tell the truth to men, and it warms them to you when you engage them like this.

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A Playboy Bunny and Head

Adam Gilad

Yesterday, a Playboy Playmate of The Year came at my head with a pair of scissors…

I’ll tell you about that in a second, but first, I want to talk about women. Not just any women – beautiful women! Because a lot of you wrote me saying that after you started using Deep Online Attraction, you’ve been meeting many more women. And because no one is ever satisfied, you’ve been asking how you can meet more and more beautiful women? It’s a great question. Because not all of us are 6 feet with amazing shoulders, biceps and wavy god-like hair. I’m sure not.  But I do know how to talk to beautiful women in a way that connects their inner beauty with their outer beauty.

And I’m smart enough to know that I don’t know everything, so I went out of my way to interview a bunch of BEAUTY QUEENS to ask them what guys say to them all the time – what turns them off and what has led to liaisons and boyfriends. I sat down with iconically beautiful women – from Playboy, Victoria’s Secret, a Miss Teen USA and a lingerie model. Tough life, I know.

The result of this very, very stressful research is my program – How To Talk To A Beautiful Woman – which Im giving you as a FREE BONUS when you download my advanced course on how to approach women, Masters of Approach ROCKS!

My one big question for them was unwavering:  what can you, as a man do, or say, to surprise them, delight them, win their hearts? How can you STAND OUT with beautiful women? You will find the answers when you download their answers – which, again, is FREE, when you get your advanced course on approaching women easily and naturally.

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Okay, so here’s the story about my Playboy bunny haircut. So I’m getting my haircut in the famously dull, gritty, hotboxed San Fernando Valley, of all places, and my attractive haircutter tells me she was once an actress so I tell her I was on this dating reality show and I tell her about Deep Attraction Online and how my profile got me on TV.  She said, yes, words are the greatest aphrodisiac. That led to our “How To Talk To A Beautiful Women” project and how I just interviewed a Playboy Bunny. She stops snipping. She turns my chair and lays it on me: “I was Playboy Playmate of the Year 1974. My name is Cyndi Wood.”

Holy sh**t! She was a superstar! She was the one in Apocalypse Now – remember that scene where they bring the beauty out to show the troops? I talked to her for a long while and let me reveal something she told me that is true for all beautiful women…

… they are acutely aware that physical beauty wanes.  They know that even a Playmate of the Year may end up cutting hair in the San Fernando Valley. They don’t trust their outer beauty. And they don’t trust guys who get hypnotized by it. That’s why I want you to LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN – by getting these interviews and learning how to approach any woman anywhere…

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You have one life.  Don’t settle for Mrs. Shrek. Date beautiful women. And kiss them once for me.

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How To Talk & Flirt With A Beautiful Woman

Adam Gilad

What is beauty?

Before we even get into how to “talk to a beautiful women” we need to decide what beauty is in the first place.

Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder?  Of course, and if you remember the children’s book, ”My Mother Is The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” – it was about a lost little Chinese girl who tells her rescuers to identify her mother that way: “she’s the most beautiful woman in the world.” Her mother, when they are reunited, turns out to be a snaggle-toothed, wrinkled old marketmonger, but to the girl – beauty extraordinaire.

So when you love someone, you see their beauty.  And thank the gods for that, because surface beauty fades, yet inner beauty simmers and blossoms over time.

That is the beauty of knowledge, of intimacy, of love.

Physical beauty is about one thing: reproduction.  The call of the flower to the bee, of the female dung beetle to the male, the cheerleader in her short skirts and trim legs to the athlete male.

Whether it’s her shiny hair, her blushed cheeks or be—mascara’d, child-like eyes – she is bespeaking reproductive health, and whatever you THINK attracts you to women in the street – that’s what it is – the stealthy private call of your selfish genes, calling each to each.

In the primeval marketplace where we all live dumbly and passionately, she offers reproductive ability, you offer resources.

So you must answer youthful fertile glow with resource. This does not have to be Ferrari.  Far from it.  It could be a simple gesture, the classic, “Allow me” – and the lighter is there before her cigarette is out.  Boom.  Resource.

Resource can be information, help.  It can be directions.  It could be an opened door, picking up a tab (although today, this can also be read as submission – don’t EVER buy a drink for a woman who asks you to buy a drink – it MUST come as an offering from you.

But here’s what I want you to know:  your ability to offer resources can be something as simple as a smart-ass comment – showing that you are independent of mind.  A funny comment – showing that you have a flexible mind.   And few things are more valuable in today’s economy than a flexible mind.  Even an educated comment.  I have seen a simple quoting of poetry turn a woman’s mind to loving mush.

How do you talk to a beautiful woman.  You don’t beg.  You don’t ask.  You don’t ask her incessant questions.  Your counterpart to her beauty is your offhand, indifferent (and yet protective) offering of value, of resources – whether mental, emotional, physical informational or actual.

There is a magnificent short poem by the Sufi poet, Hafiz, who writes, to me of the core of the masculine, in his case, writing of the divine masculine.  It is this:

Even after all this time

The sun never says to the Earth

“You owe me”

It just shines.

In that is the core of the most powerful masculine position you can take in response to beauty.  And the kind of positioning to which beautiful women deeply respond.

How to Flirt With a Beautiful Woman

Have you ever sat with a beautiful woman, flipping through the notes she gets to her online profiles?  It’s DEPRESSING!

Firstly, almost every man says the same thing.  “You’re the most beautiful woman here…”  or “I like your profile, check mine out.” Or…

It’s too painful to go on.  Painful because when you’re a beauty, you get the same exact comment over and over and over again.  They get it online, and they get it offline.

The difference, as I’ve discovered doing my very difficult research interviewing Playboy and lingerie models and beauty contest winners for my program, “How to Talk To A Beautiful Woman” – in person, you can get away with a solid compliment if its offered with real appreciation.

“What a beautiful smile,” or “I love your look”  or “Killer shoes” – these simple words of appreciation without smarm or overselling will often catch a woman’s attention and open a conversation perfectly.

If you’re young and you want to flirt, the and if she seems playful, you immediately flip it around and take on the role of the “hotter one.”  …

“Of course, you’re not as hot as me, but I’m sure you’ll be able to get used it over the years.”  You can add something like, “and of course our kids will have the benefit of both of us.”

That kind of comment is definitely what the Brits call, “cheeky.”

It is a combination of daring and humor on the one hand, and on a deeper level, scrambles the female brain a bit by conjuring up what females have evolved to want more than almost anything else:  a secure future with a man who stays around.

So there is hidden romance in it as well.

There’s another approach here, less cheeky, for a woman you might really want to bond with on a deeper level.   As you know, I am an advocate of going deep, fast – of leading her deeper with a display of true insight and the confidence to communicate it.

If you say, “I like your look,” – when she says thank you  – you then lead her through a “tour” of what you see.   Now, this takes practice, it takes truly observing a woman and essaying to feel who she is and how she is presenting herself, and it takes balls.  The way her bobbed hair draws the eye to her high cheekbones.  “The way your eyeliner brings out that exotic pull of your eyes.”  Look at the way her clothes hang, is she wrapped like a present?  Does the color of her blouse or jewelry bring out the color of her eyes?  Can she not help showing those amazing arms or slender shoulders?

Inside every observation is a hidden compliment.  But rather than just compliment her, you are leading, by letting her know that you know what she is up to.

Now you are inside her mind and in her secret club.

To avoid becoming her “girlfriend,” toast her, or lean in and whisper in her ear, “it’s working,”

Then name your kid after me.