Becoming the Artist of Your Own Life

Adam Gilad
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Now, again, saying Yes to the “all”  is not some easy, new-agey surrender. Without getting into it here, because we couldn’t possibly explore it all, just remember this truth from Neitzsche,

“If a tree wants to reach to the sky, its roots

need to go to the very hell.” 

So saying Yes to all means yes to ALL. That requires facing your deepest fears, your death, your darkest thoughts and desires, awful and unpleasant as they may be.   As Jung famously said, what gets repressed, will get EXPRESSED.   What you don’t want to face about yourself, or about humanity, or about death – will find another way to manifest in your personality.  So you are better off – FAR better off – by being honest about your dark side, about embracing your totality – and rather than shrinking from what is, turning it into ART.

Tantra wants you to become an artist of life, using everything – every thought and part of your body – as material to reweave into the One.  Tantra does not allow you to repress your true sexuality, and your true dark side within sexuality. It allows you to explore your sexual edges, with both the spice of danger and a whiff of transcendence and divine service.

Tantra teaches you to make art out of your life with ALL the colors available. Not just pink and lavender and pastel blues. It includes the raciest reds, inkiest blacks and the death-hue of blood.  Tantra insists that you bring ALL of yourself to your partner, for example, in service of your mutual opening to the great YES to everything.

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Image: Tantric Philosophy

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