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Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

Adam Gilad
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And yet most men online feel like they are begging for attention from women.

Don’t do that!

Be a chooser.  In my program, Instant Confidence With Women, I show how to believe, embody and communicate the self definition:  “I am choosy and I choose you.”

But today, I want to give you a small tip that increases your status online.  I came across it accidentally when I was traveling a lot.

I added one simple line and it created an interesting response.

This is the line: “I travel a lot these days and I don’t check in very often. So please feel free to bother me twice.”

What did that accomplish? First of all, it communicated that I had a lot of time to travel so that’s already interesting on a few levels.  Chances are, it sounds like, my life is not the normal one.  Maybe I travel for business, maybe for leisure.  If I was thinking harder, I might have said “I’ve been travelling a lot to the islands” or something exotic.

Second, it created a sense of “scarcity.”  You know how when you long on to a dating a site, and there’s a girl on all the time?  She feels desperate.  This toss-off line made me sound as if I was the opposite.  That I was only half interested.

What happened?  I started getting all these emails that said, “tee hee – I’m bothering you a second time!  Are you around or somewhere exciting?”

That one line, combined with a very well crafted profile which established high moral bar, humor, high status, and all the other elements I outline in, literally put women in the position of feeling as if they were “bothering” me!

When if fact, their interest was just the opposite.

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  1. Catherine Smith
    June 8, 2012

    Exaggeration and a smattering of self-delusion can be a healthy advantage, as long as you dedicate yourself to continual and conscientious improvement so that you will, eventually, live up to your own mental billing. –


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