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And, under 1000 eyes, it’s also easy to not steal.

To not hurt.



Take advantage of others.

But when there are no eyes?

Do you behave the same way?

How powerful is your internal “self-regulating” system?

So that you don’t require others’ eyes to regulate your behavior.

You know what I mean – self-regulating – like a refrigerator.

Or a thermostat.

Sounds simple, right?

Self-regulation as a human takes effort.

And effort – systems, re-enforced habits, taking time to get real with your brothers – makes it easier.

That’s why the writings of the Stoics have made such a resurgence.

“Don’t talk about being a good man. BE a good man,” wrote the emperor Marcus Aurelius to himself in his Meditations.

Its part of why Jordan Peterson is so in vogue with his 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.

Men are Beasts – and sometimes it’s the beauty of the feminine that wake us up to our true selves.

In the myth of Eros and Psyche – the monstrously controlling husband of the beauty, Psyche – refuses to be seen by her…

But under the warmth of her feminine lamp – he is revealed to be a God of Love.

You, my friend – under all the insecurities and strategies and fears and bluster and grief and withhold – are a God of Love.

Sometimes it takes the feminine lamp to reveal it.

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