Adam Gilad
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But you can cultivate your greatness NOW – through exploring Question #1….

“Who am I with Myself?”

The Wise Ones know that we men need to install internal systems to make “who am I?” reveal the same answer in private as in public.

That is called integrity.

The word “integer” means one.

You are in integrity when you are the same person at home alone as you are in public.

I have certainly NOT lived that most of my life and, after much hard learning, it is finally feeling natural for me.

As humans, we have all evolved to be messy multiplexes of fears and reflexes.

We are, beneath our civilized veneer, terrified prey animals constructing elaborate mental and emotional strategies to create a sense of safety.

We make up all kinds of rules and codes to feel safe.

That’s okay.

That’s natural.

The question I ask you is and the question we will explore on Day 1 of this Intensive is…

Those rules that you live by?

How do they make you more safe?

How do they make you less safe?

How do they make you false?

Does the code you live by expand you, deepen you, allow you to connect more deeply with others and with life?

Or does it shut you off from yourself and from others?

Does it clamp down your emotions as an unconscious strategy to belong and please?

Does your code smother your spirit or support your vitality and joy?

That is our Day 1.

We will clear out what is not true for you.

And bolster what enlivens you.

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