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Confession: I am a Disney Princess

Adam Gilad
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I know, I know, you suspected it all along.


But no – I don’t wear chiffon dresses and sing with bluebirds.


But like Elsa in “Frozen” – I am starting this new year singing “let it go, let it go…”


At midnight, I sat with my beloved in front of a roaring fire, writing things that we wanted to let go of in our 2017 lives…


In our social and spiritual life, in our physical and health life, in our intimate and love life, in our financial and mindset life…


Then tossing those scraps of paper into the fire.


After, we fed each other a cherry for each NEW addition to each of these areas of life we wanted to create and welcome.


Every day is New Years.


Out with the crap, in with the cherries.


Part of what my mission is with you – and with myself – is to continue letting go of all the bullsh**, all the strangles, all the clutter, all the voices of “no! no! no!” and “but it’s not possible” and “I don’t deserve all that love and pleasure and happiness and greatness…”…


So that new doors of possibility open for both you and me.


Many years ago, I met a woman on – but then I fell in love so we never met in person.


But we stayed friends because we had an instant connection on the phone.


She is a well-known poet and she wrote these words on her Facebook Page on New Years Eve…


“I’m walking into 2018 with a clear heart and mind…

If you owe me, don’t worry about it—you’re welcome.

If you wronged me, it’s all good—a great lesson learned.

If you’re angry with me, you’ve won.

If we aren’t speaking, it’s cool—I wish you well and I want you to be fine.

If you feel I wronged you, and you have told everyone but me, peace be unto you…

Life is too short for pent-up anger and holding grudges.”


Nice, huh?


Even better than the Disney Princess song, “let it go.”


Whereever you are today…


No matter what hurt or loneliness you have experienced…


Today is a new year.


Every day is Happy New Years!


Especially when you let the pain of the past go.


Fresh heart.


Fresh mind.


Infinite opportunities for love and pleasure.


To your Bold Life of Love,


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