Confidence is Where You Win The Game

Adam Gilad
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You’ve probably read it a 100 times.

“The battle is either won or lost before it begins.” That’s Sun Tzu – the brilliant, military strategist.

You’ve learned it from the best sports coaches – the game is won or lost before it begins.

From outstanding athletes, attorneys, political candidates – mental preparation and a commitment of the spirit to victory before the game, the trial, the election, will determine victory.

With this book, you are going to step into the arena anew…

Now it’s time to make an important mental shift.  Are you ready?

There is a competition going on in this arena, yes.  But you are not competing against women to “win” them.  They are not “targets” in the crass, insecure language of some pick-up teachers.  They are partners in your dance.

The only competition here is with yourself.  It is to see if you defeat, or let go of your lesser self, and craft your best self.

And let women feel that best self.  Light. Confident.  Not needy.  Happy.  Giving.

Is that what they feel when they look at your profile?

One important clue to see if you are defeating yourself before you even begin is by examining how you array the signifiers with which you represent yourself.

The women at the other end of the fiber optic cable are not targets to “conquered,” but your allies in mutual joy and exploration.  So drop the metaphors of conquest.

In this game, both you win and she wins if you play at the top of your game.  Women want you – they YEARN FOR YOU  – to be an awesome, attentive, strong, thoughtful, directive, aware guy that they rarely meet.

Offer her THAT, and victory is both of yours, to be shared deliciously.

Have Instant Confidence with Women by watching this video here.

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  1. dave
    January 21, 2013

    Mr. Adam – You certainly make this sound good, and I am sure that you master these techniques or you would not waste your time with all this.I still do not see how ANY guy plays the game under the rules I hear about. If fewer and fewer guys are approaching women these days, there must be alogical reason, and I am trying to figure out just how men are to blame and need to be trained. Just when do the women go for THEIR training so they
    can share in our victories?


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