Embracing Beauty

Adam Gilad
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Beauty is power.

There are no two ways about it.

And what do you do with power?  You are either overwhelmed by it, or you harness it.

Which would you like to do?

If you said, “harness” – that is the correct answer for us here.  Because when you harness power, you yourself are empowered.

How do you “harness” a woman’s beauty?  You join in on it.

One of the core principles I teach across the board – online, offline, wherever – is to erase the barrier between you and others, in our case here, with a beautiful woman.

That means seeing the world from her eyes, from what I call, “her side of the fence.”

This actually accomplishes a few goals:

1: it eliminates your deer-in-the-headlights instinct to beauty

2: it increases your empathy, which is a good thing for everyone

3: it demonstrates to women that you are comfortable with them, no matter what they look like.  Remember, everybody farts.  Everybody carries pain and regret and the yearning to be loved and accepted.   Meet her full human being to full human being.

Here is a “getting on the same side of the fence” technique that you can use when you are in a social arena and you watch “self-appointed alpha males” go up to beautiful women and throw their best game.

We did this in a recent live workshop and it was amazingly effective.

When said pick-up dude approaches and is shot down, you jump in with a sense of fun and collusion and say:

“Okay, girls, how’d he do?  How as his game on a scale of 1-10?!”

You have to do it in a fun, rollicking way – you are all enjoying the moment!

Get them to do a whole breakdown of his approach:  his words, his clothes, his body-language, his attitude.

This opens up a whole RANGE of information for you about the girls – what do they like, what do they hate, what are they tired of… it’s a data treasure trove for you!

And it’s a just a fun, happy way to meet a bunch of new people.

If you are genuine and you can give the poor guy some cred (don’t act superior, just keep it real), and get inside the world of your new beautiful friends, you will find that they will likely appreciate your sense of fun, your empathy, your courage and your comfort with them.

The Empress (one of my favorite girlfriends ever) used to love shooting down guy after guy at bars when she went out to simply be with her friends.  I asked her why, because she is seriously the nicest, sweetest girl in the world, because it sounded bitchy.

Her reply:  “Because I watched them.  I knew they were just playing a numbers game, saying the same thing over and over to every pretty girl at the bar.”

This is what you want to avoid!  Being just another guy just trying to hit on another girl.

Instead – be curious.  Get on her side of the fence.  And have fun with her.

And enjoy.

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