Erotic Mastery – Chat with David Shade

Adam Gilad
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I sat down with David Shade, America’s Renegade Sex Expert, to ask him one very important question about sex and a man’s role in the bedroom.

Adam: One foundation (to allow women to abandon themselves to the leadership of a man during sex) is about actually liking women. Do you want to say something about that? This is a very important mindset obviously.

David: Yeah, this is only going to work if you genuinely like women. We’re all attracted to women, but do you genuinely like women? Now there’s a lot of guys who are angry at women because their wife divorced them or the girl who wouldn’t go to the prom with them in high school or girls made fun of them. It’s not women. There’s nothing to be angry with and don’t blame other people.

So it’s not going to work unless you genuinely like women. In fact, it works when you genuinely believe in women. And it took me some time to genuinely understand women to the point where I really believed in them and I understand them.

Only then, only when you adore everything that defines a woman as a woman, only then can you be truly successful. And it’s the guys who are fascinated by women who are really successful with this stuff.

Watch this video I made for you and learn how to be confident with all types of women.

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