Hear Her Beauty…

Adam Gilad
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When I was in Grad School, the feminist theorists used to use the word “lookist” to castigate men.

Get it? It’s like “racist” except not based on skin color – based on prettiness.

As silly as it sounds, of course there is truth there.

Take the case of Susan Boyle, who was that English singer on England’s Got Talent or whatever that show was. She was a homely, overweight woman, who when she opened her mouth, emitted a divine music.

People called her victory on that show a triumph of the human spirit!

Actually it demonstrated something else: that we, as a culture, are habitually cruel, and unfair to people who didn’t win the looks Olympics.

Why was it a surprise that a woman who had an unsexy physiognomy could sing well?

We are idiots, as a species, sometimes.

It’s the same in reverse in American politics. Are there any two stupider political figures that Michele Bachman (a fanatic) and Sarah Palin (a phony poser)?

Even if they can mouth truisms for the camera, do you think ANYBODY would give them the time of day if they weren’t hot?

If they looked like Susan Boyle? Or Helen Thomas?

Of course not!

We as men are bit luckier in this realm. Women tend to find attractive men they admire and love. Men tend to admire and love women they find attractive.

And it takes a few years, but it evens out somewhere in the future, when you spend enough time with someone.

So many men come to me and ask how to meet and attract beautiful women. And it’s not like I blame you. Beauty is life-giving, inspiring refreshing and delightful.

But my word for you to day is to love all women. To see the beauty in all women (all people, if you want extra credit).

Because every one has a divine music in them waiting to be discovered. It may not be Susan Boyle’s voice. But it could be another talent, even something as primal and pure as the ability to care, love, caretake and give.

Love all well and enthusiastically – and you will attract a woman who sees that you are not the usual guy, simply led around by his eyes and his little fella.

You’ll be happily surprised at how that makes you feel inside, as well as how it makes you stand out among men.

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