Here Is One Essential Heroic Act For You To Perform

Adam Gilad
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The past is past.    Release it.

You can’t reject it.  In fact, you need to embrace it.  You need to think of your old self – that awkward adolescent bumbler as well as the guy who screwed up something the day before yesterday – as your retarded little brother.   With affection and tenderness.

Only then, will you be able to embrace the crucial idea that you can reboot your life as a blank slate.

I don’t care if you’ve been married or widowed or had your heart  broken. If people can survive the holocaust and start families and raise healthy happy children, you can get over your past.

The first step is that you just have to DECIDE to do it.

You have to believe that a blank slate is possible. Most people cling to their old selves because they find safety in familiarity – even if familiarity sucks.

It’s why I never use the phrase “comfort zone”. Most people are not comfortable in their “familiarity zone” – they are just hiding from fear. And so they suffer their miserable lives away because they fear making a move out of the familiar.

And it’s always because that fear, that self-misery, that uncomfortable familiar is serving some hidden, unconscious strategy.

What is that strategy? Usually it’s simply a servant of fear. It justifies stasis. It justifies life timidity. It justifies not making changes and owning what you truly want in life.

Leaving what is uncomfortably familiar is the realm of the hero.

It is an HEROIC act to make changes in your life. It is also the expression of your inner “magician” archetype – that part of you that won’t tolerate anything less that the best from yourself and boldly creates change.

Which is a hugely sexy expression of your masculine strength to women.

This is the man you want to be.  This is the man the best women want you to be.

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