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How To Attract a Slinky, Sensual Woman

Adam Gilad
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I don’t like hard, cold business women as lovers. Call me crazy, but I prefer the soft, willowy, sensual women. The kinds that love their womanly bodies – you know, who love yoga and flowy skirts and who celebrate their senses and their sexuality, openly and often. The kind who  weep with joy  right in the middle of lovemaking while the delicate notes of Chopin’s Nocturnes open her heart, soothe and release her spirit from the cares of the day. That’s a true story, by the way…

She was a singer and an artist and very responsive.  No private fighting with a sense of shame.  No office girl in squarish clothes who has to be coaxed into feeling sensual. If a girl is uptight or doesn’t love her body, I move on. I have enough to work to do in my life. I want somebody who already communicates a taste for sensual pleasure (in her language, clothes, the way she moves).

Tip: start with a woman who is *already* sensually inclined.

How can you tell? My favorite method – use online dating like a pro, not like an amateur (like 98% of other guys). Study her photos.   Is her smile natural?  Is she in a bathing suit, is she showing cleavage? Do her clothes look comfortable or stilted?  Look at her language…

In Deep Online Attraction, I show how to replace hard, cold words with warm, sensual words – words that sub-consciously promise a sensual man.  This, for example is from one of my profiles…

“We will warm to each other for our daring, our humor, our passion for ideas, travel high and low, design, zins so fat they’re almost food and new adventures that leave us changed. And breathless.”

Her language will clue you in to whether she is naturally and already sensually awake.


Quick lesson:

In the passage you just read, here are a lot of the Deep Online Attraction principles at work – notice I don’t say “this is what we will have in common.”  I say, “we will warm to each other”  I promise that we will be left changed (implanting the idea in her mind that we are already together).  And of course by adding the word “breathless”  – I am suggesting sex without saying sex.


You want to see words in her profile that say warm.  “Cozy, cuddle, rainy afternoons,” – anything that smacks of smells or tastes.  You want a woman who takes dance, or yoga.  That is a woman who is already in her body, already pre-warmed for you.  And when you write your profile well… you get responses like this one, which I found on my computer one recent morning, from a woman 12 years my younger, a professional dancer – always a good sign, who is smart, slim, creative – everything I love.

She wrote out of the blue in response to my profile…

“(While on my feet and applauding at the computer) That…was…just…BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for making my evening:-)”

Make a woman’s evening with a GREAT profile that embeds SENSUALITY. And she will make your evening, over and over again. Check out this short video I made to explain how its done RIGHT — HERE

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