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How To Make Your Profile Sexy To Women!

Adam Gilad
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Women love sex. They love it once they trust you. They HATE you talking about it before you know them. They especially hate it when your profile or emails reek of desperation for sex. Look, I know how you feel. You get in from a night out or you’re at work and you open your computer. You open your favorite dating site. You see who’s online – and there they are…

…lanky brunettes slinky over couches, beach-blondes with big, healthy smiles and thighs like pliant marble, redheads with the cutest freckles…

And you just want to jump through the computer and land in their bedrooms. Because they are alone right now and, honestly, wouldn’t they LOVE to have you by their side right now? Well… yes! Of course! That is exactly why they are online! Spending their good money. To meet a guy like you. But it’s not going to happen tonight. Seduction, attraction, love – whatever you are after – it’s a dance.  And you don’t start a dance by rushing out onto the dance floor and TACKLING your partner!

And yet, that’s how so many guys handle their online dating. One of the guys in the community recently wrote me if it was ok to put sex into your screen-name. The answer:  No. Here’s the right way to do it…

My answer is as it always is: lead not with sex but (1) SENSUALITY. (2) MASCULINITY. (3) ELECTRIC CONTRAST.

EdgyChef. WaveRider. DreamShaper. DeeperIntent. All of these names INTRIGUE. They are suggestive. Your profile, your letters must first of all STAND OUT. You must first Intrigue. Then you must LEAD her into your frame and you exciting life. You must GIVE her something – a laugh, a piece of useful information, your full attention. You must then INVITE her, and by then , she’d be a fool not to accept. Please go back and review each of these steps if you have your edition of Deep Online Attraction nearby. If you don’t’ have it yet – download it HERE.

Here’s a quick review on sexuality and online success:

1) Don’t be sexual from the start.

2) Don’t compliment their body parts from the start (unless they are not traditionally attractive and a compliment actually might mean something). You want to know what’s sexy to women?

* Casual Confidence… not bragging

* Masculinity (hint: service, steadfastness)… not Macho.

* Outside-of-the-box Independence… but not snottiness about it.

* Subtle Mystery… not gamey elusiveness

Your words should communicate your confidence. No hemming and hawing. No smiley faces. No begging. No neediness. Instead, a sense of direction. A sense of purpose. A sense of knowing what you like and want PLUS an easy compassion for those who are different from you. You are not threatened. You are not knocked off course by anything. If you communicate that you are hot for sex now (and yes, we pretty much all are), you lose.

If you communicate that you are happily steering your fun, well-constructed, spacious ship through life and that it would be a great place for her to spend some time…

… she will climb aboard, herself!

Learn how to INVITE a woman into your life, step by step, here with Deep Online Attraction.

Now go out and have a great week, with lots of women!

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