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A Letter to Men: What I Am Telling 15,000 Women This Week About You

Adam Gilad
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step_oneYou may not know this…

…but all week this week and next week…

…even while I am daily teaching you to be bold, natural, authentic, audacious, to be an ACTION-TAKER and invest in your skills and your future….

I Am ALSO Teaching 15,000 Women

I am teaching these 15,000 women that you are heroes-in-waiting.

But a very particular kind of hero, which I explain below.

Not the hero who “saves.”

But the hero who “acts.”

And I am teaching them how to INVITE you, how to ENTICE you… to act.

I am teaching them that you are learning with me the skills to help them drop their armor in trust and reveal their true selves naked…

… because you are rising to EARN their trust.

I am teaching them that you are learning how to make them feel SAFE.

How to feel SEXY.

How to feel SPECIAL in your eyes.

How to feel FEMININE in your masculine embrace.

… which are the magic four qualities you want a woman to feel in your presence and which I teach in detail in The Boldness Code.

All this week, while I am teaching you to be bold and
powerful and authentic…

I am opening the hearts of 15,000 women whose hearts have been wounded by men – and so do not trust.

I am teaching 15,000 women how to release their fear, their disappointment, their armor, their tears, their sorrow, their anger, their cynicism… about you and me…

… so that they can come to you whole and open.

So that they can come to you full of their natural joy and radiance and lusciousness…

… and not guarded and full of argument and sadness.

Because I am reminding them that you do not want to meet her in her sorrow.

Or in her anger.

Or in her bitterness and disappointment.

Yes, there is a time to hold each other’s sorrows…

There is a time to soothe and heal each other’s wounds.

There is a time for you to be a shoulder to cry on.

There is a time for you to be a strong arm to lean on.

There is a time for you to be the solid core of the Earth into whom she can melt in her grief, her fear…

… as well as her erotic release.

But that moment is not online.

That moment is not on a first or even or second or third date.

I am teaching them how to pass through the Gate of Intimacy in a way that turns you on and opens your sense of possibility.

And which calls you.

Into your innate heroism.

Your desire to serve and open and lead and ravish.

And then I teach them how to walk through with you through that gate in trust, in strength, in wisdom and in surrender with you.

If you learn the skills to do the same with them.

I Am Teaching Women to Come
to You Whole!

Just as I am teaching you to come to women whole.

Not trembling in fear of saying the wrong thing in “approach.”

Not full of bombast and wearing masks or trying to “trick” them into thinking you’re “the man.”

If I am doing anything, I am teaching you how to actually BE “the man.”

And how to communicate your solidity in ways that women don’t merely “hear” but FEEL to the core of their delicious, loving beings.

Now, why am I telling them that you
are their Hero-in-Waiting?

Because I don’t want them to settle.

And I don’t want you to settle.

I don’t want you to be “trapped” or made “small” or be “domesticated.’

I don’t want women limiting either you or their own yearning by shooting for “commitment.”

I want women to call you up into your greatness, your sense of purpose, of meaning and your true power.

I want you to be filled, bigger, devoted to something great.

Even if your full devotion is to the truth and rawness of the moment alone.

Because you are not your smallness.

Men. Readers. You are not here on earth “to get laid.”

Getting laid is practice.

Getting laid is the appetizer.

And sooner or later, you learn not to gorge yourself on appetizers.

Because – sooner or later – you want to save room for the full juicy entrée….

As one of my great teachers says, “The essence of you is you at your greatness.”

And it is only in your greatness that a woman can not resist surrendering herself to your enlightened lead.

What is Possible For You With Me…

I am here to remind you (because you already know this deep inside)..

The essence of you as a man is that you want – beneath everything – to be a hero.

To devote yourself to a great cause.

And I am teaching 15,000 women how to be WORTHY of your devotion.

I am asking them, “ladies, how would you like to be a great man’s worthy cause?”

I Am Asking Women Not to
“Settle” for Commitment

I am teaching them that “commitment” does not inspire a man.

Devotion to a great cause inspires a man.

And that is what I am teaching these 15,000 women as they learn more about my Intimacy University.

Intimacy University is their preparation to meet you.

To be worthy of you.

To inspire you.

What then is your preparation?

It is the Boldness Code – a 12 Class Training that will open to you in a few weeks.

And in June…

In June…

In June…

… if what I am saying resonates with you.

… then I will introduce you to some of these women after you do The Boldness Code with me.

In June – I and my magnificent, skilled, gorgeous coaches – will bring you together with these women…

… so that you can not merely meet as some guy and some chick.

But as she in her luscious Greatness.

And as you in your bold Greatness.

And what fire will we ignite then?

That, my friend… is up to you.

I am a stand for your greatness and your real happiness.

Walk with me.

To Your Best and Boldest Life!


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