Does “this” make you feel Happy? Successful? Or Worse?

Adam Gilad
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So here we are, you and me…


You are right there.


And me?


I’ve packed my bags, left my beloved hot tub, my hauntingly dry mountaintop just outside L.A. and am writing to you from between two babies on a cramped plane on the way to Boulder.


And I want you to know why I’m doing this to myself:


It has to do with your happiness – and your WHOLE being…


What Love Isn’t…


As you (hopefully) know by now, one of my core tenets is that love is not something that you find, although everyone is scrambling around in the dark, arms outstretched, grasping for it like extras from The Walking Dead.


“Gimme…  Gimme…  Gimme…”




Love is not something you get or find.


Love is something you CREATE.


The Magical Loop


Love is something you INSPIRE – in yourself and in a lover.


And because we are inconsistent and goofball creatures, inspiration usually works like kind of a magical loop…


Sometimes you nourish your heart, your creativity, your unique greatness…


And sometimes you find your inconsistent heart and hidden greatness is getting nourished by the lover you inspire…


And bump, bump, bump – we bounce along in jolts and fits and starts as this loop of inspiration deepens us, raises us, delights us, flatters us and fortifies us against all the dark horsemen – disease, suffering, hateful dogma, human cruelty, Adam Sandler movies, death.


If we aim high, we wave jauntily to the horsemen who shadow us over there on the sallow path – and focus instead on enjoying the path that we boldly carve for ourselves….


But if we aim lower than inspiration, we lose our way and end up on that other path – one that we didn’t boldly stomp out for ourselves – and sink into living our lives by other people’s rules and priorities – settling, self-pitying, growing angry, anxious, blaming and sad.


I Want You to Aim High






As often as possible, as often as you can find the strength and courage.


Every day I bring you techniques on important and necessary love-skills like…


How to attract a partner sensually and sexually with depth and a spirit of fun and adventure…


How to connect with partners from a core of bold daring and cherishment…


But you know what REALLY turns me on?


Exploring with you how you can INSPIRE YOURSELF and your lover(s)…


Okay Adam, So What Does THAT Mean?


You want to know?


Here goes…


First, I know that, like me and like everybody, you sometimes want that secret Harry Potter-esque amulet that will make someone fall instantly and passionately in love with you.


I know that you, like me, sometimes forget that life is a JOURNEY, moment-by-moment and not an imagined  heavenly final rest stop where perfection plops down in your lap and smiles at you like an idiot-cherub for eternity.


I know you want to “get there already” and be done with the struggle.


We all have that urge.




You are also smart and deep enough to know that your happiness and feeling of success in this life is not about “finally” joining genitals or holding hands or staring into each other’s limpid eyes…


Those hotly desired goals your daydream about are beacons ahead which signal a far more profound desire…


You Want to Feel VALUED and VALUABLE


You want to MATTER.


You want to feel that searing root of PASSION that burns at your body’s core like the fire at the core of our planet.


You want to feel that you are living BRAVELY and not hiding in dusty, “safe” corners of old, sleepy, uninspiring habits.


You want to see your valuable self reflected in the eyes of another…


You don’t want to merely exist – you want to live, or as Arianna Huffington puts it, you want to “THRIVE” while you are alive.


You want to be inspired.


How Do We Wake Up to Inspiration?


I’ll admit it – I don’t like to live without feeling inspired.


So every day I strive to wake up a sleeping part of myself…


To not waste a day or night.


Well, right now I’m flying to Boulder to spend a few days with Arianna.


And also with the CEOs of Whole Foods, Zappos, Tom’s Shoes…


And Moby, and Alanis Morisette and Michael Franti and why not, DJ Spooky.


And the philosopher Ken Wilbur and my friend and co-author, the brilliant thinker on love, Marc Gafni.




To explore together what “success” in this life really means.


Something You May Not Know About Me…


I am on the Wisdom Council and Board of the Center for Integral Wisdom founded by Ken Wilbur – a think-tank that includes people like John Gray, Harville Hendrix and other luminaries.


And this week, we are going to gather to dig deep.


Into what is love.  Contribution.  Connection.


And into how the hell can we evolve our human systems so that all are served and all are lifted.


I am inviting you – for free – to tune in if you are interested, by live-stream…


Do you want to feel more inspired?


This weekend should be insanely inspiring and I’ll be posting my thoughts as we go…


So see if you can join us and tune in…


There’s no charge.    It’s totally free.


===>> Go here if you want to tune in and watch for free


If you want love in your life…


If you want to feel and BE attractive to amazing partners…


If you want passionate connection…


… the key is to be INSPIRED.


I have lots of ways to get you there.


This weekend is just one of them.


So tune in.


Something you hear or see might set your life afire.


To Your Best and Boldest Life of Love,




p.s. as you can tell, helping you live an inspired life and inspiring others into intimacy at the most profound levels is what gets my engines running.


So I’ve decided to open two spots for private coaching.


If you are serious about vaulting out of stasis and living the inspired and inspiring life you most want and attracting the inspired and inspiring partner you most want, then write me privately to apply at


And I will get you there.


Note:  I don’t take just anybody.  Only those who are prepared to take bold action – not just once, but consistently.   My time is valuable but I deliver results.  Hit me up if you are ready to take the actions you need to live the life you actually want.

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