Make Her Feel Special With The New

Adam Gilad
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In this world of FB friends who aren’t your friends, of chain-stores bereft of soul, of contact without true connection, disconnected politics and the corporate blanching of individuality – we are all hungry to feel unique.  Individual.  Special.

Maybe your family makes you feel special.  Maybe your small circle of friends.  But what about your lover?  Does she make you feel special?

Equally – do you make her feel special?

Intimacy is THE place to celebrate a woman’s uniqueness.  In your eyes, in your arms, she should feel seen and felt and held as she is nowhere else in the world.

Many men (and women) are driven by fear so they want their lovers to feel this way specifically so that their lover doesn’t dive into the loving gaze or embrace of another.

That’s not the kind of special I’m talking about.

I’m talking about making her feel special with positive actions for the pure sake of carving out a tiny place in space and time where she is the shining star, and the ONLY shining star in your sky.

In Deep Erotic Mastery, I show you how to do that with words and touch, with rhythm and patterns, with intentions and with actions.

Today, I want to remind you that yes, even with all these “high” skills, this process of making her feel special begins with some very simple, prosaic acts of care.

For example: get new stuff.

Get new candles by the bed.  New lube.  New incense if you use it.  New washcloths aren’t a bad idea.  If a woman is special, you might want to get a new set or robes or new sheets.

You don’t want to have pre-dripping candles on your bedstead.  You don’t want to pull out that half-bottle of KY.

In the same way that her lingerie she bought special for you makes you feel like you’re opening a fresh chapter in a book, rather than flipping back through old soiled pages (yes, I enjoyed writing that), so too she will feel the happy charge of feeling special when she sees that you’ve made the effort to clear out the old to create a fresh space for her in your life.

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