Morning Thought: Women and the New Transparency

Adam Gilad
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Hey I want to say something important to you about how things have changed in the last few years.


There’s no more hiding.


In the early 2000’s, the PUA movement was underground, experimental and covered the spectrum from innovative and funny – to disgusting and demeaning.


In cultural time, this might as well have been centuries ago.


Today, we live in a world of Facebook and Youtube and Google – and there is no more hiding.

This is a GOOD thing.


Women can find out everything about you – and quickly


This is why the ugly pick-up “tactics” of the worst of so called “teachers” are not being exposed and these people are being banned from whole countries.


The new transparency – where you can’t hide – is bad for them.


It is VERY good for me – and for you.


It’s good for men who want to develop as QUALITY MEN.


Bold.  Authentic.  Fearless.  Protective.  Innovative.


On the path of self-development and an expanded heart.


I started this journey with you all the way back in 2005 when I first published my online dating guide.


It shot me to the attention of tens of thousands of men worldwide because of David de Angelo’s endorsement.


This last year – I’ve taken hundreds of men through my courses – Guaranteed Girlfriend, The Boldness Code and our rollicking and revelatory weekends with women , my ACI Playshops.


I am so proud of the men and women who have decided to take this path with me.




You want GREAT WOMEN in your life?


The answer is to become a GREAT MAN.


Step by step.


Program by program.


Leaving behind the sleaze and ugliness of the worst of PUA nonsense


And stepping into being an ADMIRABLE MAN.


Add to that your ability to communicate yourself confidently, boldly and skillfully…


… and the world is yours.


Be glad you’re on the path to being a great man.


I guarantee you – women will be glad, too.


It’s a new era.


To Your Best and Boldest Life,

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