On The Pain of Dating, The Pain of Love:

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With the advent of #metoo, I ‘ve been thinking a LOT about the pain caused between men and women, men and men and to, I imagine, a far lesser extent, women and women.


I originally got into the dating and relationship “business” because I wanted to figure it out for myself.


I had been married from 23-39 and suddenly was single…


And I didn’t know ANYTHING.


Being a dad and husband was my entire adult experience.


And back then, I launched into the dating world with high spirits and a sense of adventure.


It was soooooooooooooooo much fun at first!


I LOVED the attention, sex and love I received from women.


I loved connecting deeply with new women – new lives, new viewpoints, cultures, stories – it was fun and fascinating.


But the more deeply I got to know individual women, the more I have coached men and the more I do this work – the more I see navigating PAIN at the core of intimacy.


Getting close to another human being means opening up your wounds – whether you like it or not.


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