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Electric Online Names: The ONLY Kind To Have

Adam Gilad
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What is in a name, really? EVERYTHING. Remember that every element of your profile is a signifier.  Every element signals whether you are insecure, limited, unexciting, invisible in what I call the Sea of Profiles or magnetic, intriguing, powerful, mysterious, alluring and the list goes on. I have studied hundreds of male profile names and talked to dozens of great looking female friends to uncover the principles that magnetize women and those that turn them off.

Everything about constructing a name reflects the other lessons you’ll find in my e-book. Sexuality without sex, creating mystery, the electricity of contrast. All those exciting points you will read about in my e-book will help you create a name that will intrigue and allure and start putting women into a state of emotional excitement and openness toward you.

For now, you have to put in the effort!  It amazes me how many guys just up variations of their first name or where they live.  Listen: Women want to be transported in their imagination!

            Why are so many of you wasting this golden opportunity to electrify, mystify, magnetize or tantalize her?  Because, until now, you have been boring.  You have not been thinking.  The book, Blink,  by Malcolm Gladwell I am recommending to you. Read it and see that you have about ten seconds for her to make a decision to either turn on or off. That is how fast people make gut decisions.  You have got to capture her imagination.  Ignite it!  Set it on fire!

Probably one of the best analogies for creating a powerfully attractive name is to compare online names to the opening line of a great song or the opening shot of a cool movie. I will not enter a movie if I don’t see the opening shot. I know how important that opening shot is to the writer and director, how that opening shot sets the mood and entire meaning of the movie.  Everything that happens after that opening shot gains meaning, color and richness from that shot.  And that shot, if the movie is great, will be informed by what happens afterward. As the director John Sayles says, “The whole movie is established in the first 30 seconds.” Now, for you, you want a name that… suggests more than the words tell. A name that does not allow her to pigeonhole you and therefore end your story before it even begins! A name that ignites her imagination! One that projects confidence without selling or boasting and, most importantly, identifies you as the Selector.

To learn more about writing an online dating profile that attracts beautiful, evolved women to you, go get Deep Online Attraction right now.

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  1. Dan
    May 21, 2012

    So Baylyme is a weak/needy name for a profile?


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