Something Has to Die

Adam Gilad
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To become a man, the boy has to die.

That is why warrior and indiginous societies required vision-quests and rough initiations.

I’ve seen 10 year old Amazonian boys sinking their arms shoulder deep into nests of poisonous, stinging ants.  Their arms blow up like fresh baked bread.  

Boys are kidnapped by men in the middle of the night and taken to the forest or desert wastelands and left there among predators to find their way home.

Initiation rituals.

They insure that something must die so that something new may be born.

That’s why in most great stories, the hero dies before he can achieve his destiny. 

Luke Skywalker had to “die” in the garbage compactor before he could destroy the death star.

Frodo had to die by the sword (twice I think) before he could penetrate Mt. Doom and return the ring.

It is the warrior part of you that allows you to march directly into your fear and “die”… before you are reborn a stronger, better man.

If we resist “killing” what makes us weak or unfulfilled, we drift all our lives until our slobbering, tottering, brittle, weeping, regretful dotage.


What Dies in Our Lives?


That’s one I see all the time with my coaching clients.

When you step into the fire, the fire burns hesitancy away and you make your clear choice. 

One of my private coaching clients who wanted to build a coaching practice himself, called me, unable to decide to put down roots and “settle down” as he put it, or stay a vagabond where he has to work construction to pay his bills.

I stood him in the fire and made him decide. 

I reframed “settling down” into “building a foundation” for his coaching business, which would allow him to travel all he wants in a year or so.

What died? 

His belief that not traveling was “settling down.”  His attachment to uncertainty and drifting.  His fear of actually building a real business…

which would force him to do the work he needs to do to live the life he actually desires.

What was born? 

A new man.  Clarity.  Action.  And a whole new group of people who could now be served by this incredibly talented and well-trained man.

What else has to die for us to be reborn?

Here are some of the common ones I see among my fire-loving coaching students….

“My belief that I am not “good enough” to deserve, date and love a great woman.”

“My belief that I can’t commit to a great woman because my relationships have failed before.”

“My belief that I cannot love one woman because I’ve gotten too good at flirting with and seducing women.”

Here’s the real truth – and I hope you find it exciting…

The boy in us dies over and

over and over again…

… and the man in us emerges stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger over time.

….. but only IF… we allow ourselves to stand in the fire and ask ourselves…

“What has to die?”

You might be thinking

“Okay Adam, that’s great in theory, but

what about you?  What’s had to die for you?”

Here’s a couple of big ones…

1: To love one woman, I had to let die of the ego-boost of the attention of lots of women (it was harder than I expected).

2: To start taking men on powerful, relentless and transformative coaching journeys around the world (we take off for the Greek Islands next week), I had to let die the belief that I didn’t have the wisdom, tools and experience to launch men into utter and lasting change.

What About You?

What has to die for you to be reborn into the EXTRAORDINARY man you say you want to be?

What has to die for you to rise to the next level?

Of love?

Of freedom?

Of decisiveness?

Of leadership?

Of wealth?

What needs to die?

It is the Warrior within you that will make the changes you want…

And your Inner Warrior, like is true for most of us, is asleep. 

Or distracted.  Or sitting down while you go through your daily routines.

But your Warrior is waiting for you to call him up into action.

To KILL what needs to be killed…

… so something new in you can be born.

10 men are gathering with me in Los Angeles on September 30 – Oct 2nd to awaken their warrior.

To kill what needs to be killed.

To birth in them what is SCREAMING to be birthed.

This is a private and elite gathering.

It’s not one of my inexpensive intro’s.

If you feel called to make a HUGE change in your life…

If you need to kill something in you so that something new in you may be born, then you can apply.

I have 2 spots left.

===>> Go here to apply for the next Warrior Weekend Retreat   

If you fill out the application well, I will call you. 

We will talk.

We will find out what needs to die.

What needs to be born.

And you and I will start working together toward that.

                       We will be RELENTLESS.

And I will work with you beyond the weekend if you choose until you make the change you are committed to making.

As you read these words now, you already know if you are called or not.

If not, all good.  This isn’t your time.

If you feel the call – then shake your Warrior on the shoulder.  Sharpen your sword.  Strap on your boots.

Visualize what’s on the other side of the fire…

You’ll be hearing more about this from me.

I’m in the fire right now.

This isn’t play.

This is life.

To Your Best and Boldest Life,


p.s.   Here’s an outline of what we will be doing on this Warrior Weekend…

1. We are going to learn from an Israeli Special Forces officer who trains American Marines how to disarm attackers.  You will know how to protect yourself.  Your woman.  Your loved ones.

2. We are going to shoot gnarly guns and learn how to handle them.  Just in case.

3. We are going to explore and awaken your INNER WARRIOR – and apply it to your inner life, your women, your business, your purpose and your bullshit (don’t worry – mine too!) We are all holding back.

4. We are going to work with Very Special Women who will clue you into the yearning feminine archetypes around your Warrior.  What they crave.  What they grieve.  What turns them on.

5. You will clarify your warrior goals and qualities.

6. You will re-set your life – women, business, edge – with new clarity.

7. We will have a kick-ass time.

8. You will access GREATNESS.

I want your warrior.

Or nothing.

Time to burn away what doesn’t serve you.

Me too.

We’re in the fire.

Let’s play hard.

===>> If you are called,  go here to apply for the next Warrior Weekend 

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