Screw “Being Alpha” – Try This Instead…

Adam Gilad
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Become your own Alpha – and pick up my good friend John Romaniello’s book “Man 2.0: Engineering The Alpha” today.

…And let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. Bill
    May 1, 2012

    I love this! It’s about being present – and authentic. And admitting who you are and what you want to a woman! Its what they want!
    And it challenges me to exceed my own expectations…

    • Adam Gilad
      May 20, 2012

      Bill – I love that idea: Exceed Your own Expectations…

  2. Adam Gilad
    May 3, 2012

    Hey Ken – yes it is (a small portion) of my home library. I read The Game back when in came out I think in one sitting. Neil is a great writer and its an odd, intriguing and disturbing story. You’ve got to be impressed by Mystery’s scientific approach but in the end, Neil writes, “Everything I learned about pick up ruined me for relationships.” Most people don’t read that far. A lot of what I do is PTSD (Post-Traumatic Seduction Disorder) work!

  3. Andrew (India)
    August 9, 2012

    Hey Adam ,

    There`s an Indian Book called The Bhagavd Gita or the Song Of God
    in which god preaches that knowledge is enveloped by desire or greed
    which if unfulfilled results in anger which in turn results to delusion and then to loss of memory and which results in destruction of knowledge and ends in the doom of a person.

    Competition Kills Compassion.

    The book also says that knowledge is within everyone but just as fire is covered by smoke and embryo covered by womb and mirror by dust…


    • Adam
      November 18, 2012

      I have read the Gita, yes. The message of “ultimate” futility I have often compared to Ecclesiastes “All is vanity!” Well, yeah, the sun will swallow the Earth one day — hopefully the good guys will find a way to get our simian asses to other planets or other dimensions. But in the meantime….

      The Gita says do your social duty…. um. Not so sure about that one.

      Ecclesiastes says, fuck it, serve God. Well, not so sure that wasn’t tacked onto the end at some later point (some scholars agree).

      I say – live nobly, live fully, have fun, savor the beauty of this earth, leave it better than you found it, try not to harm others, follow your bliss and raise up others who need raising.

      And drink the best quality wine you can afford! (same for cheese, same for chocolate).


    • Thomas
      April 18, 2013

      Hey Andrew

      Having read quite a few books along these lines, best I can figure is they simply made it all up, that there is no such thing as a higher truth. Ironically when I first started studying NLP I laughed my ass off. At least the founders Bandler admit they are making it all up. It’s all about the stories. The ones we tell ourselves and which ones we choose to buy into that others tell. hmmm, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  4. Leonardo
    April 17, 2013

    Love it, Adam. You really do know how to replace certain terms with other terms for introspection. Andrew- I have to check that book out. Thank you.


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