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What Are Your Crucial “Strength Attractors”?

Adam Gilad
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Attraction is not mental.  It’s not usually conscious.  It is, from a woman’s point of view, a deep evolutionary, biological need to find a strong mate.  I don’t mean muscular, though that is often an attractive trait (a good chest and shoulders go a long way, so hit the gym).

But by strong, I mean she can trust you to provide healthy genes for healthy, attractive children who will be likely to mate well in the future.  This is a theory perfected as the theory of the Selfish Gene as explained by science writer, Richard Dawkins.

Not very romantic. But implanted DEEP in every woman’s sexual desire for a man.

How does this “caveman” stuff apply to online dating?

The answer is that you must electrify her by your blend of strengths – in our modern context: this could be (1) strength of wit (a flexible mind), (2) strength of character (moral leadership), (3) strength of purpose (social leadership) – because online, she can’t feel your physical presence.  She has photos to look at, but that’s a pale substitute for feeling how you stand, how you breathe, how you lean forward or twitch or scatter your focus.    Your photos should show a blend of your strengths.

I have good news for you brainy guys…

Dawkins has a second fascinating theory about attraction in the human species at this stage of our evolution – that one of the prime Strength Attractors is not musculature but intelligence.

This, he says, explains the explosive and unparalleled growth of the human cerebral functions.  Throughout human evolutionary history, females sought good male brains to mate with, since good brains make for excellent survival skills.

So how can you be a magnet for attraction online?  

Project the kind of strengths described above.  Even if you are not going to make babies together, and even if you’re looking just to date, she will subconsciously, irresistibly, powerfully be attracted to you if you embody and project robustness of health, confidence, brains – what adds up to what I call “survival smarts” or “survival competence,” “the survival edge” or, to sum it up… “Strength Attractors.”

You already possess these qualities, even if you aren’t fully aware of them, yet.

This kind of strength creates trust.  It is a kind of feral animal security that she needs to sense in order to be intrigued and attracted to you.  It’s why women love firemen.

There is a competence, a confidence as well as a deep service to the tribe – which creates a projection, real or not, that this particular male of the species can help her survive and pass on her seed in a safe, promising way.

When you sit down and write your profile, be sure to blend elements of your personality and lifestyle that project survival competence and the survival edge. 

And enjoy!

p.s.  If you want the full run-down on Strength Attractors and how to weave them into your profile, please visit

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