Take a Sensual Inventory….

Adam Gilad
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We live in a diseased world.

The disease is lack of presence.

Which is a fancy woo-woo way of saying people are missing out on the GORGEOUSNESS OF LIFE right in front of them.

The way dates stare down at their phones instead of deep into each others eyes and eventually genitals.

The way we mouth words “What’s up” “Nothin’ much” – without engaging our brains and hearts to truly access what we are feeling within.

The way we are unaware of our breath, our posture, the impact our physicality has on others.

And without truly accessing what the person you’re talking to might be feeling.

We are all too often here but not here.

And being “here” begins with being in your body.

We are f*cking lost in our minds.

My friend Dr. Brad Blanton (watch for my coming F! Normal Podcast launch later in May with him!) – says clearly “the mind is a bullsh*t generating machine.”

He says get out of your mind so you can come back to your senses.

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