The Secret to Profound Connection with a Great Lover/Partner

Adam Gilad
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Let’s cut through the b.s. of dating advice out there…


I mean – let’s face it…


There are so many surface siren calls…


“Three magic words that make him never look at another woman.”






“The super-duper hypnotic text that makes him propose.”




“What socks to wear to drive your woman wild in bed.”




It’s b.s.


All of it.


It’s surface.


It’s crap.


It’s marketing from money-grubbers posing as experts.


You want to be loved?


You want to be desired?


You want to be VALUED?


Well here’s some non-b.s. dating advice from a few centuries ago…


From a Sufi mystic…


“Go find yourself first so

you can also find me.”


Doesn’t that feel better?


Doesn’t that feel TRUE?


But not your surface self.


Not even your social self.


Here’s what I’m talking about…


There are three “core gifts” you can bring a love partner…


One comes from the places where you are moved most emotionally.


One comes from the places where you hurt the most deeply.


One comes from the places where you are most deeply inspired.


You don’t find, excavate and offer the gifts hidden in these profound places in your humanity by “whispering 3 magic words” or by sending “this hypnotic text.”


Be human.


Come on a REAL journey with me and find yourself so you can find the lover, the partner, the noble man you deserve.


This week, I teach how to access these 3 areas in our Smart Daters Academy Video Class


They are drawn from this month’s book, Deeper Dating, by Ken Page.


I humbly urge you to join us – the hundreds of men and women learning together from the best books and research in the world…


Growing deeper…


Growing wiser…


Growing profoundly more loving and lovable.


The time for surface b.s. has ended.


The time for real love, real connection – the realest and most luminous, irresistible you has arrived.


Join us here in the Smart Daters Academy.


The best decision you will ever make.

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