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Two Archetypes That Turn On Women

Adam Gilad
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Sex is ancient. Dating is recent. Online dating – forget about it – it’s an embryo. So to draw women to you, you must look at the deep archetypes that go back thousands of years. You need to ignite the ancient roots. And every female root taps one irresistible well: even if women aren’t looking only to date, they are pre-wired to seek a convincingly strong mating partner.

So rather than complain that women seek strength, it makes more sense to master how to embody the strength-archetype that deeply, subconsciously and primally attracts the kind of women you want. There are two basic archetypes of strength that turn on women.

1) The Fantasy “Bad Boy” Lover and

2) The Strong, Protective Nurturer.

Which one are you?

Whatever your answer. . . Wrong! If you answered one or the other, not only are you limiting yourself in your life, you are committing online dating suicide. Right now, accept this: you are both. Some dating gurus tell you to always play the bad boy lover. The whole biker, devil-may-care, “I’m a dangerous guy” type of thing. Other more touchy-feely gurus will tell you to play the loving, safe, secure guy because that’s what women really, deep down, want.

But the truth is that both are two tools in your toolbox, and it’s the unusual woman who wants only one or the other. The fact is, that it’s the combination of the bad boy lover and the safe, comforting guy that create the punch and counter-punch of maximum impact. The combination makes you EXCITING! The tension between the two creates energy – burgeoning, intriguing energy.

This is the virtue of what I call . . . The “Electric Contrast”

Learn the secrets of electric contrast and how to electrify your online profile here.

This combination/contrast happens to be one of the most MASSIVELY IMPORTANT secrets of attracting women online, offline, wherever. I’ll give you an example…

Here’s the bad, boring way of saying you have variety; I’ve seen it a thousand times:

“I’m as happy in jeans as I am in black tie.” Snore.  And  — really?

Instead, intrigue her with some key details in a well-crafted picture that contains Electric Contrast…

You might catch me shooting baskets with my buddies or gliding along a dance floor at a charity function. I’m the happiest guy around when the company’s good.” With these few words, we’ve created dramatic electricity. Suddenly, I’m not just a pile of boring facts. I’m a story that promises to unfold. I’m a guy’s guy, I hang with guys in a cool, friendly, laid back way. But I’m also mysterious – I know something about  how to treat a lady when she wants to be a lady.

There’s a dash of romance hinted, too. I’m not at some everyday club, but a “charity event.” Hmmm. Do I care about others? Do I invest myself in the betterment of the world? Do I have some disposable income? I’m like a book that’s about to be opened – she doesn’t know what’s coming on the next page. She doesn’t control my story. Oh, she wants to. She wants to say this guy’s a jock. Or this guy’s a geek. Or this guy’s a wuss. Or this guy’s a wallet. Never let them pigeonhole you – that ‘s when they lose interest.

* Bad boy + Nurturer.

* Jock + Poet.

* Competent Businessman + laid back Weekend Dude

* Tough-ass Guy’s Guy by day + Sensitive, slow, romantic Lover by night.

= Electric Contrast

 Learn the secrets of electric contrast and how to electrify your online profile here.

Never limit yourself to labels or to what other people want you to be. Prevent women from limiting you, by firmly staking your identity in your own personal, electricity-generating – mysterious, magnetic and intriguing, contrasting poles.

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