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Two Top Techniques to Meet Women Online

Adam Gilad
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Have you downloaded Deep Attraction Online? And if you did, have you made the CHANGES in your profile that make women actually WRITE TO YOU FIRST? That turn them on?  That attract them to you – even though they haven’t met you in the flesh yet? I want you to succeed and I teach tens of thousands of women who are CRAVING a man who can seduce them with a profile full of sensual triggers and inspiring clues about what makes you awesome. You can do this wrong – and get no response. Or you can do this right – and create Deep Attraction online

Here are a couple of tips to give you more of an advantage…

>>>>>>>>>>    Technique #1:  Stand Out With Powerful Sensual Imagery

In our DAO program, I show you dozens of ways to make women feel all sweet and cuddly and dreamy and sexy by laying in very specific sensual images – of either food, travel, a prospective date – anything to wake up her body (most men just speak to women’s minds – and have no impact, and don’t get them to write back). Here’s just one line pulled from one of my most successful profiles…

“Huge turn ons: wild coasts, warm ocean water, big group friend dinners, soulful vocalists, original thinkers, fat Brunellos, Utah powder, honest sensualists, wits, people who work for something vast, and, more than anything… sudden, unbidden expressions of love…”

Here are your lessons:

1: Notice I use the word “turn ons” which uses one of my MAJOR secrets for you – sensual language that suggests sexuality.

2: “Wild coasts, warm ocean water” – these are ways of saying “beach” – but subtly implanting both a sense of abandon and “wild”ness and tropical bodyfeel.  Get my lists of language triggers to wake up their body!  (or you’re wasting your time).

3: “Big group friend dinners” – shows them I have friends and am not a loner, and paints a picture of a happy scene they could be part of

4: “Soulful vocalists” suggests a smoky sensuality as does “fat Brunellos, Utah powder” – so much more powerful than merely and drily saying that I like wine and snowboarding.

This letter came in three days ago…


You’re a really wonderful writer and I delighted in reading your words. Your profile and pix popped up on my computer about when I was wondering if there were really any interesting, passionate, worldly men in Southern California and on this site.


>>>>>>>>>>>>  Trigger #2: Invite Her Into Your Exciting Life

This is the headline I sent to a striking personal trainer – I mean, she’s a super-athlete with a body to die, or rather, live for. She said she loved skiing. So I just opened with a magical threesome of my favorite mountains…

>>>>   Subject: Brighton, Canyons, Snowbird…

And told her I was off to Utah to grab the snowstorm that week but notice how I caught her attention with hard, solid, evocative words, not soft entreaties…

Her response was immediate…


Message: Hey!

Wow I am jealous you are off to Utah! Have fun…I like everything you wrote in your profile…while mine obviously didn’t get as much effort. I also read If the buddah married, dated etc (which I mentioned in my booklist). I feel like my profile is so lame compared to yours. Lets chat when you get back!

Have fun skiing,

Lisa G


I lay it out in in detail! – in  Deep Online Attraction  – very straightforward Principles  – in this case – how to create an invitation to your exciting line. I show you how infomercials do it, I show you how Casanova-lover types do it. I give a whole series of invitations to you because…  they work! Most men never invite a woman into their lives or to a date.  But you can do it RIGHT in your profile…

“If this sounds like the kind of life and the kind of man you’ve been seeking but not finding amongst the knuckleheads, the mouth-breathers and bridge trolls, write to me.  We’ll pull up a couple of barstools and see what wonders we can conjure.”

Date online smart!

Use the language that wakes women up to possibility.

It’s all here for you in Deep Online Attraction.

Use it.

And enjoy your days and nights on Earth.

Each chapter of DeepOnlineAttraction gives you yet ANOTHER technique on how to provoke or inspire women to write you…

–          how to use sensual language

–          how to invite them with a “call to action”

–          how to tease them like an older brother

–          how to “sing to their idealized self”

–          how to create subtle and magnetic rapport

–          how to implant a romantic vision of your future meeting

… chapter after chapter of SPECIFIC WAYS to increase her intrigue, her turn on, her desire to write you..

… and most important…

… to INCREASE the dates you have in your schedule. Again – not rocket science.  It’s the science of attraction. You can do this.

 Your life and your success changes here.

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