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Weekend Wisdom #5: Want Your Dream Girl? Get Fueled!

Adam Gilad
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You don’t read me because you crave a mediocre life.

You don’t open my emails because you secretly dream of mediocre sex.

You read me because you believe something magnificent is available
to you…

Maybe you want beautiful, pliant, loving young women with lips soft
as rose-petals, skin like spring apricots, bodies juicy as cactus
fruit and lithe as otters.

Maybe you want one woman, wise and deep and passionate and loyal,
who will be your champion, your best friend, your harbor in the
storm and your beacon in the dark of night.

Maybe you’ve had terrible luck with women and you yearn for what
has seemed impossible – full acceptance, sensual play and sweet
aroma of a woman’s neck on your morning pillow.

You read me because you want MORE.


You want to FEEL the joy and pleasure you know is available in this
life – but is somehow eluding you for the moment. And you want to
feel it now, before you get feeble, before they lay you cold in the

You will not get these things.

Unless you start like this…
This article is Step #1 of 9 – which I will be giving you over the
next 9 Sundays. I am giving you this framework to help you WAKE UP
from anything mediocre, to get BOLD, to go for the most fulfilling
exciting life you can and to bring the most beautiful, luscious,
loving, deep and life-giving women into your life. No settling!
Step #1 is – Get restless. Get angry. Get unhappy.

Not with yourself.

But with your situation.

With the stink of stasis.

With settling for mediocrity.

You want a life of passion? Then you’ve got to throw off
dispassion in your life.

You want beautiful women? Then you’ve got to stop settling for
“dates” with women who don’t rip lightning through your body when
her skin touches yours.

You’ve got to want to puke rather than settle for another round of
surface blah-blah-blah.

You’ve got to want to want to learn how to blast open a woman’s
heart and body by boldly diving deeper with her – in word, in
touch, in truth – than any man has ever before.

You’ve got to throw off the sweater-vest of the soul that keeps you
timid – and bare your chest to that next gorgeous woman…

You’ve got to invite her to wrap her lonely soul around your
pulsing body so that you BOTH can feel the pounding of life
coursing through this universe.

You’ve got to turn off the damned phone.

You’ve got to run screaming out of the mini-mall of the soul and
tear ass into the dark forest of life hungry for adventure.

You’ve got to shout “enough!”

In other words – you’ve got to shake yourself out of slumber, out
of your ordinary world, out of settling for anything less than what
life – LIFE! – offers – a swirling, intoxicating buffet of teeming,
florid, luscious pleasure, heroic canvases, love, tenderness, bliss
and adventure.

>>>>> Here’s How You Start… <<<<< In every epic tale, every hero who does anything great starts out being tortured by the mediocrity of his familiar world. Think Luke Skywalker shambling around on Tatooine, dreaming of galactic adventure. Think of Dorothy in Kansas, a black and white tomb of adventurelessness, before her technicolor acid-trip into Oz discovery. Think of Steve Carell in Crazy, Stupid Love, perched self-pityingly at the corner of the bar, bemoaning his fate, or, defeated as a petting-zoo pony at the start of The 40 Year Old Virgin. I ask you -- where have you given up in life? Can you admit it to yourself? Can you allow yourself to feel it? Can you feel the PAIN of it? Most of us, when we start to feel where where we've settled, will immediately start justifying our muddied dreams with excuses - gotta work, got responsibilities, got expectations, got bills... ... and so you just careen toward the grave, self-imprisoned in a life half-lived, senses dulled in shades of gray. How much do you want something different than that? How much do you want to be a SEEKER of a great life? You read me because you are a SEEKER! And you are prepared to take action and actually.... seek. You read me because you are this man, here... "You're uncomfortable, feeling you no longer fit in with this drab, exhausted place... you may not know it... but you're soon to join the select company of the Seekers, those who have always gone out to face the unknown... You're uneasy, but there's a thrill running through you. You're poised to break free from this world, ready to enter the world of adventure..." * Are you? If you want more, you've got to curse the mediocrity of accepting less. You've got to understand there is no such thing as "wasting time" - there is only "wasting LIFE!" Your life. Time has all the time in the world. You do not. Do you want that dream girl? Do you want dreamy women draped over your torso, hips steaming, eyes half-lidded, thanking you in breathy gasps? If you do, then keep reading. This is an epic journey we are taking... >>>>> Open On: You <<<<< For a minute here, I want you to think of your life-into-passion as a movie that has a beginning, a middle and an end. Today, we focus on the beginning so that you can be assured that there will be a story at all! Because if there is no need, no pain, no frustration, no yearning, no vision - you will stay kaput in the bullseye of your boredom. So... What would be the opening scene of the movie of your heroic adventure into your dream life with women... I know mine... *** SCENE #1... Open On: Night. A lone man stands before a window in a dark living room. He turns the ring on his wedding finger like the slow tourniquet it is. He gazes out over the sparkling city and says out loud, MAN "People are having great sex out there and I'm not one of them." *** That was the moment I decided I couldn't live the rest of my life in mediocrity, in a marriage that was sapping my life force. I can tell you some other opening scenes from men in this community: *** SCENE #1... Open On: Dusk. A North Carolina Bank. A BANKER, thirties, waits till his last customer is gone and eagerly opens his private laptop. A dating site. We see he has sent 30 messages. In his inbox, zero. He shakes his head. But we can tell from his athletic build that he is a fighter. Taking a breath and diving in, he types, "Online Dating Advice - Killer Profile" and digs into the findings... *** [This above is a true story - I met this Banker - he introduced himself to me with his now pregnant wife - and she told the story about how the color and energy of his profile (after he read Deep Online Attraction) - blew her away]. *** SCENE #1... Open On: Dusk. GUILLERMO is 24, with the straight back and buzz-cut of a military man. We see it is his bedroom, the one he grew up in. Clearly he's about to go out tonight to meet girls. He stands before a long mirror. He checks his hair, his shirt and jacket, his kicks. Just then we notice he's missing an arm. We FLASH BACK to a nightclub and see him in the corner, empty sleeve in his side pocket, ashamed, refusing his friends' calls for him to come dance. BACK IN THE ROOM - Guillermo feels the empty sleeve. Gazes at the PROSTHESIS in a case on his dresser, reaches out and holds it, considering. Will he wear it? *** What is your opening scene? What is your pain? What is your LACK? Where does your moment of truth begin? What is the EXACT moment you've had or want to have or NEED to have to finally shout "ENOUGH!" to the universe. Enough mediocrity. Enough frustration. Enough failure. I want you to take a hard look at your life, to tear away the gauze that covers reality and ask yourself - what are you SICK of? Listen... Every true hero starts with both an inner and an outer problem and allows himself to FEEL THE PAIN of being limited. We all have physical or financial limitations in our lives. Those can be handled. Hell, my three-foot, wheelchair-bound friend Sean is about to marry a lithe, beautiful woman. So don't tell me you can't do it. Because more importantly, we each bring internal limitations which are far more destructive. Beliefs that we are not good enough, not tall enough, not smart enough, not rich enough, not enough enough. Well, guess what? Those inner challenges are EXACTLY what makes you interesting. They are EXACTLY the springboard to your adventure toward your dream woman (women) - because this frustration is the rocket fuel to blast you out of a life of settling for second- or one-hundredth best. This is your weekend wisdom for today: specifically that your unease, your frustration, your ANGER at missing out of a life of the beautiful, loving, passionate women you most desire.. - this is your rocket fuel to blast you out of settling for anything less than what you dream of. Sit down a moment and write your opening scene. Write every frustration you have with your life as it is. What would it look like as the opening scene of a movie or of an epic tale? Write it into the comments section of our blog HERE or send it to me at (datelikeahero@gmail.com) I want to show you how your frustration is your gift - it is your fuel to the next step in your epic journey into the arms, warmth and love of the divine goddess in all her waiting, sensual beauty. That next step, Step #2, we will get to next Sunday.... To Your Best [Epic] Life, Adam P.S. If you are SICK of not thrilling women, not waking them up to the man you are, to life and adventure than join me in NY for my one-time-only Electrifying Communication Intensive. Go HERE to
learn more and register.

P.P.S. * This quote is from Chris Volger’s book, The Writer’s
Journey, the essential screenwriter’s guide to crafting a heroic
journey for protagonists.

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