Weekend Wisdom

Weekend Wisdom #6: Smashing The Threshold Of Your Fear

Adam Gilad
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“It is natural for you to hesitate before taking 
the plunge.  You feel fear constricting your breathing
 and making your heart race.  Should you stay with the 
Home Tribe  – and let others risk their necks in the quest?  
Are you cut out to be a seeker.”

Every adventurer, heroes of countless stories hesitates on the
threshold of The Adventure.


Because they listen to the voices of the past.

Past errors. Past humiliations. Past rejections.

This is where you have a chance to break free and be The Seeker.
The Adventurer. The Alive One…

This is the moment – when you are called out of stasis – to CEASE
being a VICTIM and start becoming the HERO of your own life…

In our story here, to approach women fearlessly, to delight women
freely, to engage women profoundly, to please women orgasmically,
over and over and over again.

What’s keeping you from crossing over and being that man?

Old voices?

In many epic tales, there is a secret door that must be discovered
in order to escape the frustrating living-death of stasis.

I am your door, and there are no more secrets….

If you want to master boldness in body, in word, in sexual
leadership – go HERE – Instant Confidence is your secret door. If you want to step forward into TRUE and DEEP and HONEST and CONSCIOUS INTIMACY – go HERE – and join my elite inner circle of men on the path to partnership with most loving, luscious, awake partner possible.  The Guaranteed Girlfriend Program is your secret door.

Walk through the door…

Head into the unknown forest.

Discover why you are here on Earth…

Dive into the bounty of feminine love.

Because stasis sucks.

Frustration kills your life spirit.

And eventually you’ll die unsatisfied and ungiven.

Break through the threshold of your fear into your next level of

This is the code of the hero.

To Your Best Life,


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