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Weekend Wisdom #8: Knowledge Alone Won’t Change You

Adam Gilad
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So last week, I spent 6 days in the Caribbean working with a group of men and some women on facing fears, stripping away noise and honing in on deepest strengths.

Everyone stood and gave a talk on their deepest wisdom, their core power.

And I want to share with you the core concept of one of the talks – given by a Silicon Valley dealmaker.

The core is this: knowledge can change you only a little. What will help you truly transform is to build an ecosystem around you that supports you.
What does that mean?

It means you surround yourself with ideas, books, programs, audios, videos, podcasts, youtube clips that nourish your ambition and feed your advancement.

You jettison junk media that clutters your mind with trivia and you hone your mental instrument.

It means you surround yourself with PEOPLE who not only support your rapid evolution but who, like you, live lives that are devoted to growth and evolution.

You jettison those who want to keep you in your place. Who want to keep you limited. Who want to crunch your potential down to fit the convenience of their perception and imagined hierarchy. As you grow, as you change, as you gain skills, your very advancement will often threaten the status quo and role of your parents, your brothers, your friends. Be on guard! A few choice words from them may send you reeling back through weeks, months or even years of hard-gained wisdom.

As I see it, there are two types of people. First – those who are committed – almost like soldiers – to expand their minds, improve their bodies, deepen their ability to know and feel their emotions, to open their hearts to feel the reality of others, to achieve greatness at every chance and to love fearlessly no matter what.

And second – the living dead. Better looking that the Walking Dead – but no less in stasis. Just existing. Without a sense of adventure, growth or change.

If you are with me, then you are devoted to ever-greater success with women, ever more internal power and confidence (grounded in truth, curiosity and vulnerability).

And despite your highest estimation of yourself – you can’t to this alone.

We are social beings. We need tribes. We thrive on ecosystems of support.

So this weekend I want you to think about your ecosystem. What are reading? What are you watching? Who are you hanging around with? Are you getting coaching? Do you attend workshops? What are you studying? Who is supporting you?

Additionally – how can I support you? What do you need to learn? To do ? To practice?

Improvement is your choice.

So is the ecosystem you choose to live in.

Leave your comments below – let me know what you need. What you want. And where you want to go.

To Your Best Life,

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  1. Chris
    April 29, 2012

    Well said… It is said that your level of success and happiness will be the average of yor 5 best friends…

  2. Venger Satanis
    April 29, 2012

    I almost never open up these seduction type mass emails… not anymore. I’m married. But once upon a time, that was my bag, baby. Still, I enjoy the self-improvement aspects of the seduction community and various dating gurus out there.

    This post in particular was right on. Great stuff! Reminds me of the encouragement I give to the Cultists of Dread Cthulhu. Thanks for posting it. Happy Walpurgisnacht!

    Venger As’Nas Satanis
    Cult of Cthulhu

  3. Catherine Smith
    May 12, 2012


    This is a most inspiring article.

    Our life is a reflection of our thoughts and the actions we take. We get back what we give. If we are looking for a positive relationship, we need to be a positive person.

    We are who we think we are.

    Our friends and people that influence our daily lives become an important part of who we are. Surrounding ourselves with people who get joy from helping others, who are positive, confident and grateful, improves the quality of our life, it energizes us.

    Women are attracted to this kind of energy.



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