Weekend Wisdom

Weekend Wisdom #1: You, Me, And The Dive Into Joy

Adam Gilad
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Last night I was getting ready to head out into the twangy night of Austin’s singing streets, and I was listening to one of my favorite comics, Louis CK.

He was talking about how a guy in the next seat on his flight was furious because the plane’s wifi was taking a few seconds to download a site on his laptop. “Damnit!”

Louis was incredulous at this!

This guy is flying through the sky in a CHAIR! He is angry at something that he didn’t even know existed five minutes ago!

In Louis’s most iconic line, something that sums up our time with crystalline purity…

“Everything is amazing and nobody is happy.”

Let that sink in.

Everything IS amazing – and available to you. What are you going to CHOOSE to do with that?

I want you to know something…

Right now, right this second, you are MASSIVELY supported in your desire for a happier life – for love, better sex and fulfillment.

If you were born 100 years ago, you’d probably never leave your hometown except by force and to get shot at by foreign people who didn’t even step on your Nikes.

Romance? You’d probably have to marry the fat-cheeked girl down the street who your parents approved of, and who you got to see in the few hours of your life that wasn’t clotted with labor or taking care of the arduous daily duties of keeping a household going.

Sex? Depends on how much money you had, but it would likely be a combination of the occasional shame-filled quick-work of making babies in the dark and a grotty, tumble with a pocked, diseased prostitute.

But today?

You have the whole of human knowledge at your fingertips!

You want to learn a new skill? Go online and learn it!

You want to find meet and enjoy women? Then read these emails, invest in yourself by getting my programs, be bold and try anything and everything! See what you can accomplish. See what fits your personality best.

Oh yeah, and sift through the 100 million women looking for men online!

You want to be an extraordinary lover? Treat that goal like your MBA or Law School! Dig in and get serious! Sign up for a local erotic massage course. Invest in the kinds of programs I identify as best.

Wake up your body in 1000 ways to all the colors, aromas, sights and music of the world that are available to you and be a truly sensual man. Be a SURPRISE, a GIFT to any women who earn the right to touch you and be touched in return.

Right now, for you, everything IS amazing.

Let other people not be happy, they don’t know better.

But you – YOU – especially if you want to draw extraordinary women into your life, in you want women to hop on the RIDE of your life – then invest in your joy.

In your JOY!

Shakespeare wrote,

“The time of life is short;
To spend that shortness basely were too long.”

Right on, Willie. Correct as always.

So instead – and this is my constant call and challenge to you – rise daily into CHOOSING to spend your life diving into joy!

Do you know why I sit down to write you almost daily? Do you know why I spend months of research crafting the practices that fill my programs for you? Do you know why I have chosen this path as my life work?

Because every single letter I send to you, every research study I pore over, every book I read, every interview and conversation I have about how to create love, how to create better lovemaking, how to make women laugh and inspire them by living an ever-increasing inspired life… IS MY JOY.

It informs MY life. It makes me a better friend, a better lover, a better man.

It didn’t start out that way…

At first, it was because I was so SAD at suddenly being single. I was so WORRIED that no one would ever love me because I felt as if divorce made me a life failure. After so many years of being married and unhappy, I had no idea how to try to “make a woman like me.” So I dove into learning what to do…

And I discovered that I had it backwards.

This part of life isn’t about “making women like you.”

Just the opposite – rather it is the honor, the pleasure, the adventure of living your life in such a way that you inspire women into fierce, reckless surrender – JOINING you in the amazing opportunity you have every day to dive deeper into joy.

Take her hand and dive in tandem. She is waiting for you to do this…

I discovered early – through the infinite delights that a well-crafted online dating profile created – that our world is a FEAST OF PLEASURES!

Pleasures of the flesh. Pleasures of discovery. Pleasures of opening women to their own hidden beauty. Pleasures of serving those whom I love. Pleasures of breaking through into new realms of happiness.

And, yes, the pleasures of being able to share what I have learned with you.

The pleasure of watching you open up during my bootcamp weekends to the powerful men that you are.

The pleasure of helping you drop the heavy, sodden cloaks of “I can’t” and watching you step forward, introducing yourself to women, creating new social circles, charging back into the world with new tools, new confidence.

And new joy.


EVERYTHING IS AMAZING!!!! You are alive briefly.

I, my expert teacher/friends, the internet, Kindle, iTunes, the sun that rises every dawn, the soft, aromatic women you pass every day whose hearts are breaking to be appreciated, seen, loved, touched…

… the world has your back.

The world offers you joy in a billion ways every second of your life.

It is up to you choose to dive in.

Keep diving in with me.

This year we are going on an adventure.

Stay open to what is possible…

… and keep your hand open so that you may gently, firmly take her delicate fingers in yours…

… and dive into joy together.

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