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Yes, You’re Good Enough For Her: Everybody Poops

Adam Gilad
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Have you ever seen that little kids’ picture book called, “Everybody Poops”?

Well, guess what?  Everybody does,.  You’re no better or worse than any other guy, and every woman you see online is no better, on this level, than every other woman.   We are all the same.

It’s like that scene in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, where they hide out in the dorm toilets and the two beautiful co-eds come in with a case of “the taco shits.”

That scene is a lesson in life for all men: stop idolizing women!  Women have the same self-doubts, constricting mind habits and fears — and grotesque bodily functions — that you do.

Let’s look at this issue of confidence from another point of view:  Public speaking.  Do you know that public speaking is rated by people as their top fear – along with death.  Death!

Do you also know what the classic – and effective – piece of advice is for beginning, nervous public speakers?  Picture your audience in their underwear.

In other words, your audience gets the Taco Shits, too.  No one is “better.”

The truth is that everybody’s got his or her good points and bad points.

I was once in a long relationship with a woman who harped on my “bad points” — constantly.  From my creativity (“exhausting”) to the very shape of my hands – which are fine by the way.  But I allowed myself to believe her.

Now, I ‘m certain there have been people in your life who have pointed out your “bad” points.  Maybe a parent, a sibling, a girlfriend.  Insecure people, unconscious people and people with selfish agendas will do that.  They will tear you down rather than serve your joy and awakening, as you should be serving hers.

So break with that heritage now, clean out the old trash of beliefs that you are not good enough as another, so that you can go forth and meet great women primed and at your strongest.

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  1. jay
    May 22, 2012

    ooh thanks Adam ,now i know i’m good enough just like anybody & start to stop idolizing women… i love women though it’s hard to stop idolizing them ‘coz they are my energy i believe. . . thank you again & more power !

  2. Donald Day
    May 22, 2012

    Good sound advice Adam. I remember the underwear comment from back in the Brady Bunch days where Marsha was afraid to give a speech. Picturing the crowd or assembly in their underwear did the trick and gave her poise and confidence again. You are right, no one is better, we are all wired pretty much the same way so why be afraid. I have to rule out my fears of reentering the work world this way and believe that I can get what I want.

  3. Catherine Smith
    May 22, 2012

    Confidence is number one on my list.

    A confident man, who is secure in himself and his abilities, is a sexy man.

    If you feel you need help in this area, try affirmations.

    Look at your self in the mirror, and say, “I love myself.” You may feel silly at first, but who cares, there is no one to see you but you.

    Say other positive things about yourself, even if you don’t believe them. You must say them with conviction.

    “I am highly successful”,
    “I am fit healthy and attractive, ”
    “I am confident, I am worthy of love,
    “I am proud of myself and my achievements, I can do anything,
    “I am a winner”

    Keep going, come up with more to add to the list.

    Even if you don’t believe them, affirmations go deep inside beneath the outer surface. If you keep saying them with conviction your subconscious mind which can not discern between what is real or imagined, will eventually accept this as truth.

    • Kristiaan Johannes
      May 23, 2012

      Of course those affirmations work far better if you can find examples, even small ones to prove to yourself that what you are telling yourself is true. Confirmation bias is a valuable mental tool if you set it up in your head right. Of course, it can work against you if you focus on the wrong things

    • Adam
      November 18, 2012

      Keep on keepin on Catherine.

      Considering all the negative messages both men and women receive, this is a vast improvement.

  4. Georgi
    May 22, 2012

    Thank you Adam for the great info , we use to forget that we all are humans


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