Zombie Killers, Playtime and Right Rooftops: 3 Keys to 2013 Success

Adam Gilad
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“I was a fine game coach.  I think I was a good practice coach.  I could tell you right now what we did at every practice I had at UCLA – every day,e very minute.  It’s all on paper.”

I want to give you three Practices right now…

For 2013, these are the processes I want you to focus on.  To make you happier inside.  To make you more attractive to women the instant they meet you.  To make you more successful with women, so you can live the life you want.

1: Commit to Release Consistently

Know why zombie movies are popular?  Because most people already are zombies.  By that I mean they stumble through life pre-programmed.  Not to eat flesh, but to live out the programming they received as kids and in early relationships.

You are not your past.  You are not your past.  You are not your past.

Your thoughts, your habits, your tendencies are not “you.” They are just programs from the past and they can be changed.  Remember – I was hopeless with women when I got divorced.  Ashamed, unconfident, needy.  It took a lot of practice.  It took a lot of great coaching from great teachers.  It took a lot of errors and course-correction, but because I learned to release all the negative ideas about myself jammed into my head, I walk free in the world today.  And women feel that.

Watch my Dr. Phil episode  – the woman in the yoga class looked at me and said, “what I like about you is that you’re vulnerable.”   I said – “I’m open.”  Meaning – I’m unguarded.  I’ve released the past.  I’m genuinely here, now, present and ready for anything.  I want you to possess that easeful power.

The truth is that you MUST clean house before you put new furniture in.  Same for your mind. If you are carrying negative ideas about yourself that your ol’ drunk dad, your angry ex or your lousy bully neighbor stuffed into your head – then I can talk myself blue teaching you how to approach, write to or make love to women – but it won’t stick – because you’ll still be running your zombie-tapes.

Waking up from the bad dream of negative ideas is your inner zombie-killer.  Stay close with me throughout 2011 and we’ll kill some zombies.

2. Commit to Trade in “Game” for “Play”

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