Zombie Killers, Playtime and Right Rooftops: 3 Keys to 2013 Success

Adam Gilad
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Throw away this damned idea of “The Game.”  Yes, there are powerful and useful skills to be had from Neil, Mystery etc.  But the whole focus on “number-closing” and “kiss-closing” KILLS THE FUN OF IT ALL. And it also has caused you more misery than simply staying home and watching reruns of Weeds.

Look, there are two approaches here, as there are in life.

One is that every moment is a game that you win or lose.  The other is that it is all PLAY.  If you head out into the night to talk to women, have fun with women, tease them, teach them, learn from them and generally leave everyone happier than when you met them – YOU CAN’T LOSE!

And without the fear of losing, you are free from that tarnish of fear that so may wear on themselves.  In 2013, you’ll learn more about how to boldly PLAY in the world rather than cramp yourself into the self-recriminating machinations of “gaming” women.

How to be the engine of happiness.  The engine of fun.  The engine of lightness. The engine of depth.  All without fear of failure.  Because when you play, there is no failure.

3.   Commit To Consistently Revealing Your True Goals

Its good to have a family.  Friends.  A society.  Teachers.  Books.

But the danger is, you can take on other people’s goals. I have seen, over and over, in this community that men feel as if they have to be “like” someone else.  That you have to pick up girls anywhere anytime to feel good about yourself. But maybe you want one girlfriend.  Maybe you want to start a family.  Maybe you only want spiritually open girls, or maybe only bisexual girls.

The point is – you have to continually strip out other people’s ideas of happiness to continue revealing to yourself what YOU really want. As the saying goes, there’s no point leaning your ladder up against the wrong roof. Go where YOU want to go.  Stay in integrity with the life YOU want to create.

Otherwise, you’ll be beating yourself up about not hitting goals you don’t really want to hit anyway.  What a waste!

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